Ok, well lets get started!!

First off, in this very PC world, i need to clarify that in referring to fags, i mean cigarettes, nothing else.Plus i couldn’t get anything else to rhyme as well with smokes…………smokes, tokes and designer jokes???smokes, pokes and long tokes?? ha ha , that is funny in a pervo pot way.

Try looking for something funny that rhymes with cigarettes!! That’s not going to happen.

You don’t need me to preach to you. You know smoking is bad.. Like Allan carr says, smokers aren’t dumb so why do they treat us as such?  Is it that we are dumb because we are willingly killing ourselves? Why not drink bleach- any how i transgress…

Where do I start? Well i suppose there is no real start as such.

So here we are Fags, Hags and designer bags. Why Fags, Hags and Designer Bags??????

Because it’s all about the fags and I knew if I did not stop I would look like a hag sooner rather than later and if I stopped I may be able to get a designer bag………….ha ha ha.  Once I saw that hideous Donatella Versace women who looks like one of her handbags……tacky (not cheap though) and very very overcooked and lined looking……urgh and had visions of me looking like that or the women with the orange tan in “something about Mary”. Not sure why I chose women with an addiction to being bronze as I am as pale as they come, but I think as they both smoke and when I see skin like theirs, I relate it to being like that from smoking and no way did I want to look like that!!

So that is it, in a nutshell.

Will this help you stop smoking? Who knows. maybe, maybe not….Only you know that one.

And do I now have a designer bag? Now that you will need to wait for..


One thought on “Ok, well lets get started!!

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