Are you ready?? Put those smokes down and step back!!

Today I start to impart my wisdom…:) That makes me laugh, what wisdom? Only you can be the judge of that. Wisdom or just crap? Well i suppose you won’t know unless you read on.

So how did I stop? no fan fare here or anything wonderful. I just stopped. Pretty simple really but easy? No, it bloody wasn’t!!  Cold turkey and whilst I don’t care how you personally stop, if you stop by running down the street naked or chanting weird shit, great!! But for me, nicotine replacement was not going to do it and the nakedness of me would have scared the living shit out of my neighbours and given my husband an excuse to lock me up!! Before we go any further, I congratulate you on stopping smoking, how you do it is fine. This is not a slur on you personally if you used nicotine replacement therapy. So don’t take it as such!!

I would like to add at this point that scientific studies are now starting to show that perhaps nicotine replacement studies are perhaps not the way to go and other methods need to be looked at. Look at this article and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Why put more crap into your body? At the end of your 3,6,9 month period or whatever on nicotine replacement, you may have got rid of the smokes but have you got rid of the smokes? NO!! This is my personal bug bear, i hate nicotine replacement.I think get some balls and stop. I can say that, and yes, it is harsh!! but you know that it is the only way you will stop smoking is by being harsh. You need to take a long hard look at yourself and be critical. Look at the relapse figures 6 or 12 months down the track.

Anyway for today, we are not going to get into this topic now as you can probably tell, i feel very strongly about it and will look forward to hearing all your thoughts on this. Nicotine replacement is the Governments way of placating stop smoking groups to provide all these lovely replacement therapies, that cost them maybe 1% of the smoking revenue they receive. What a slap in the face for non smokers!! What a joke and an insult.Why not treat smoking like the addiction it is? and give it serious help like for druggies or alcoholics?

So what is step one? And is there a step one?

I think the most important thing is to realise you are an addict when you smoke. Now me personally, I wasn’t a dirty addict. Euwww!!! I wasn’t like those junkies or the dirty alchies in the park. But you know I was. I would scab butts from the rubbish when I had no smokes, I would have done almost anything when I had no smokes, luckily I never had to but I know now in my heart, I would have.My first thought in the morning was smoking, that is all that mattered.Until I accepted I was an addict, like the dirty junkies I had invisioned in my head, then I wasn’t going to be able to stop. That I think is a large problem with smoking is that, it is not classed in with other addictions in a sense. Smoking was not looked at as an addiction until recently but still now do you see rehab for smokers? Can you book into a clinic? Because that is what I needed to do. What support groups are there? 12 step programs like A.A or NA? Nope. I ask you how does going to the local hospital for a chat with a smoking cessation person(who usually have never smoked themselves) help? Does it helps the pure desperation you feel at times? Nope!

Yet nicotine is the MOST addictive substance.

So are you an addict? or a liar like I was?

I will leave you with that parting piece to ponder….


3 thoughts on “Are you ready?? Put those smokes down and step back!!

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