So? Liar or Addict? Which is it to be?

Did you decide? Hard, isn’t it? Personally I don’t like to be a liar, unless we are talking about shoes or bag purchases that have been hidden in my closet for the last few weeks so when my husband says “are these new?” , I can say with honesty, that no they are not. Is that a lie? no, of course not!!New only applies to that days purchase, maybe a day ago!! ha ha but I digress.

Imagine how good these smell with no smokes!!! even better than they look….

So addict then?? This was very very difficult for me to grasp. The idea was put in my head by Allen Carr. He is a genius that man.

So I had me old mate Allen Carr’s book, now the funny thing about this book, is that it is brain washing and its incredibly boring at times but he knew his stuff. It took me 4 goes to finish it because like he said when you finish the book,  you will stop. Now the first 3 times, I thought ‘whatever’ but as I got nearer to the end, I couldn’t finish itas I was too frightened to stop and I wasn’t ready either, looking back now. He was so right but I found it wasn’t quite enough as I did not have enough confidence in myself  to stop which is why I also employed other methods. Allen though makes you see that you are an addict, not that it is an excuse, but you are addicted and I think that is most of the problem with smoking, is that it is so addictive yet smokers are not put in the same ‘addiction’ box as other addicts, like i was saying yesterday.

Imagine how good these taste when you don;t smoke!!!

But like I said yesterday,  you need to admit to yourself that is what you are. To me, I wasn’t an addict, that was dirty heroin junkies scabbing in the bins or smelly alchies karked out on the grass in the park!! Or dirty pervy old wino’s or coked up kids………..ehhhhhhhh, no way, I wasn’t like that. But I was. I may not have been smelly and flaked out  in the park but I was smelly to those who did not smoke and even though I was not on the nod from junk, I had as much willpower to say no to a smoke as they did for a fix. So once I could admit to myself, thats what I was, I think that was when I was on my way. Now I am not saying you need to stand up and say “my name is ……… and I am an addict………….nope, but you know I looked for outside smoking support groups but there was nothing apart from joining groups at a horrendous cost.

Speaking of horrendousness- I must tell you about one of my early methods in stopping smoking………I went and did this stop smoking through my work who at the time was the National Bank, now they paid for all their staff that wanted to stop to go on a stop smoking course. I think I was about 20, so it was about 2o years ago. Anyhow I went and on the first night the lady running it said “, do you feel like a smoke” and I (and everyone else too I bet) thought ‘sure do’ and she said, well have one…….Fantastic I thought………then when we were getting near the end of that smoke, she said, well for you people that are smoking(and it was all of us), have another smoke, and light it from the butt of your old one and really drag on that smoke……….and after that have another one and so on until you felt so ill, you couldn’t face another cigarette. The idea was you could smoke when you wanted but when you did you had to smoke 2-3 and guts drag them to make yourself feel ill. You would then associate cigarettes with feeling ill and it would over time lessen the cravings and the psychological need for cigarettes.

Hmmmm but did it work?

You know what I am going to say, don’t you?

tomorrow, tomorrow………..there’s always tomorrow…..

To be continued……


6 thoughts on “So? Liar or Addict? Which is it to be?

  1. I’ve been off the smokes for 8 weeks. It was difficult to start with, and I don’t think a habit would have developed if they still sold ciggies individually for those times when stress is really high without the commitment of buying a pack and smoking the rest simply because I had them. I didn’t like admitting to my partner when I’d smoked (We’re students and at the time really couldn’t afford them. I’d skip dinner or walk miles home and spend the bus fare on a sly pack) but I couldn’t lie to him either.

    As for shoes though, that’s a different matter. I mostly get stuff from charity shops which blends into my wardrobe nicely as it’s usually not to blatently new. Did pick up a pair of boots the other week for £9 which was a bargain. My boots are lined up along the hallway and fit exactly, so I had to throw out a pair of not so nice ones to make room for the new ones. He hasn’t noticed yet. Result!

    • Good on you!! It gets easier believe me or i still wouldn’t be smoke free now- 4 + years later :)But don’t forget to reward yourself,maybe the Burberry tench on your blog?
      It looks primo but have to say would DEFINETLY have to be put in the closet for a few weeks as my husbands eye for $$$$$ items has gotten better over the years!
      Especially when I have tried to justify eyebrow raising spends by saying “its an investment”.
      Well it is and we know that but do they? Now they do….. and it comes back to bite me in the bum:)
      Stay strong, stay smokefree ( even though that sounds sooooooooo corny!!) You can do it!!
      have a good one 🙂

      • Thank you! I’m found my trigger were just being in a job I didn’t like and since I’ve moved on I’ve lost the cravings a lot. I’m actually a smoking cessation trainer, worked with the prison service in mental health for a while. Felt terrible telling people off then going outside myself! But if you need any advice I’m full of ideas. Infact over 8 weeks I’ve probably saved abour £80. If I keep it up for another year and a half I’ll be able to afford the Burberry trench!

      • Lucky you!! that would be my ideal job but here they are few and far between and most smoking cessation councellors have been in the position since year dot and never smoked!!
        Its a bugger as its something i think I would be really good at and have the qualifications but mostly as i know what its like to smoke for so long and unable to free yourself.
        Yeah, after a year of not smoking, i was able to go to Europe for 3 weeks (from down under) and i smoked maybe 1/2 a pack a day………..Smokes are expensive here- $17 a packet of 20’s………
        Fingers crossed for the trench- let me know how it goes:)

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