Smokes or Food??? What do i want first?? ARGH!!

OHHHHH, What a choice!! which one, which one, which one???

 Luckily now there is only one choice but I have to say the delight of a cigarette after a particularly good meal or the sheer joy I got from a smoke with an exceptionally strong and short black espresso after a hard noisy day listening to arseholes at work was not easily forgotten………….Ohh those were the days!!

Chips- and a smoke after this???

But also not easily forgotten was the foul foul taste in my mouth every morning,the scrubbing of the tongue to get rid of it,  that utter dependence on smoking as SOON as I got up and how much fun I had on a night out was measured by if I could smoke at a place!! Sad, sad, sad.

So today I am going to combine my two favourites. Smoking and Weight.

Now I know this sounds shallow but one of my main concerns about stopping was that i would put on weight. Actually it was THE MAIN concern. I have heard this from so many people before and after they stopped. Now after you think, how shallow is that, that I would put my health in jeopardy further because I am worried about a small weight gain!! But you do. Now I have to digress here one second I saw the other day in the paper (Daily Mail  UK, yes, I know, intellectual reading) that these girls from “Big fat gypsy wedding ” spend half their lives on the sunbeds said they would rather have cancer than no suntan and at least if they get cancer they would look good with it!!!   Now while my mentality was not quite that bad, it was like that……..That “LADIES & GENTS” is a very very scary thing and the sad sad thing is there are many people with that attitude.Like my smokes are my only good thing?? Yep and I hear you and I know where you are coming from but like I said to myself, you sad sad person that , that smokes is the only thing in your life that you imagine to be good……. Anyway at some stage , I bloody woke up and faced the fact if I wanted to stop smoking, chances are I would gain weight. Not good but when I finally stopped, weight gain really didn’t factor in to it………..

definetly a trip to Europe here !!

In the end, i decided I could not stop and diet too so to speak, i would go mental because both are physically and mentally taxing endeavours!! So i gave myself 3-6 months grace to eat what i wanted. Did i gain weight????

Yes, i did. 6-7 kgs which i lost and regained. Then 2 years later I finally got it off and it hasn’t come back but it is not easy. I didn’t actually stuff my face all the time but if I wanted it, I let myself have it. I did have the odd day where I felt as I was shovelling food in my gob all day but it wasn’t that often. People forget that smoking changes the whole body chemistry and blood sugars. Smoking keeps blood sugars high so as soon as you stop, they plummet and you would have to be dead (sorry) not to crave sugar or sweet things:). I don’t care if you have the will power of Job, I am telling you, it will not help and it is not your fault. I would get these wicked sugar cravings and SERIOUSLY want to kill people, well throttle… Not a good look. Smokers rage???

Your body chemistry needs to reset itself. Plus you burn more calories as a smoker because smoking increases your metabolism. So you have all these biochemical reasons that are going to work against you, SO GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK!!

I found cranberry juice and barley sugars helped me reduce the cravings and cranberry has so many beneficial properties.I think as well with smoking you al ways feel you are doing something, but when you stop you aren’t and eating replaces that?

What I am going to do throughout my blog , is paste my actual stop smoking blogs i posted onto the online quit system here in NZ. So here’s my one of mine regarding weight gain at the time.

Nz Quitline logo

“Weight gain!!! September 2008

Bloody hell!!!! the weight gain is really depressing me- I know it is better than smoking and i would not smoke again to get skinny but IT IS SO DEPRESSING!!! I am at 193 days, i thought if i gave myself 6 months to concentrate on stopping then i would concentrate on the weight gain 7KGS!!! well i gained 4-5 kgs initially and then lost it but got ill and back on it went but i have gained 3 kgs in the last 3 -4 weeks………….i have been eating properly all day and then after dinner , its chips, chocolate and lolly time- not heaps, small one of each type but still and obviously its not good!!! i JUST FEEL I HAVE PUT SO MUCH INTO STOPPING, WHY CAN THIS NOT BE EASY??? It is like pay back , does that make sense to you guys? I feel at times food has replaced the smokes……………and I think if I can stop smoking, I can do this but I can not get my head into that space to care enough to do something. And then I think do I wait like I did for with smoking until i was disgusted with myself and could not take it anymore??? and the head space was right?
I know you all probably think I am mad AND shallow but it is depressing, I am a small person and a stone on me is really noticeable…………. and I work for a weight loss company so I am not exactly practising what i am preaching at the present………………..
anyhow any advice would be appreciated…………….

sorry to moan and carry on

Stay smokefree- stay strong= we can do it!!!”.

Yumm and these taste heavenly


So I will today on that positive note and give you something to ponder until tomorrow…

Food or smokes ??? what will it be?

and if you think hot chips are good now, wait till you have them smokefree…

Have a good one….




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