Welcome to the Club!

The devil sticks is what I like/liked to call them……….scrummy fags, cigarettes, fags, cigs………argh the good old days of belonging to that club of smoking, There are no barriers in the smoking club, we all know that. Rich, poor, old, young, white, yellow, Christian, muslim, men,women, chimps, cats  and transvestites. Why smoking is the most open of clubs………….anyone can join…the more the merrier. The only barrier is the cost and as cliché as it may sound, maybe your health, wealth and life?

Urgh- Imagine licking this ashtray!!

Can you picture this????

Scrummy, lovely fags, especially first thing in the morning with a coffee, outside in the quiet, before the madness of the day starts , enjoying that smoke or the one after a stupendous meal ! SIGH!!

Funny how you remember the good .Hard to recall scabbing from the ashtray for smoke butts when I did not have enough money or how I would be ill with flu, hardly able to breathe, choking up flem that almost choked me with a throat that felt like I had swallowed razor blades, yet the I would drag myself out for my puff.

Is this you? or will it be you?

Now you will notice as you go through my posts , I have inserted my actual blogs from when I used to blog at quitline. They will have other smokers blogs names in at some times, so I am actually talking to another person, not just always ranting on at something in my smokers rage!! The bogs will have some relevance to what I am harping on about at this stage but not always, sometimes, they are just in there as a bit of light relief or because I forgot what I was going to say originally and needed  to put something there 🙂






Bloody bloody bloody!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
go away urges!!!
Get behind thee, satan!!! ha hah ha err devil sticks maybe
 Well today is HARD!!! In fact saturday and sunday nights are hard, hard, hard!!! from about 6pm onwards
 the thing is i think, i deserve a break here (ease up on the cravings etc) after being so good……………..but we do not get a break as such being an addict that is what is hard and facing the fact, we get no medals or honors etc, even though we are doing the one of the hardest things in our lives possibly………………………..You truly need to do it solely for yourself!!! no one else, all you………………
 Franzipan, hope the week end is looking better for you, as you said it had been a funny old week ,well i find all week i am ok generally but saturday and sunday , it truly is horrible in the evenings…………..
 Solo, not to smoke after the accident is truly amazing ,that is a sign of a non smoker!!! And congrats to gregP and his party and no smokes………….Happycat, nice to see you again and you are going great guns………………… and lots of newbies on the site, keep blogging everyone, it helps keep us all sane, well me anyhow………….
 well i am off back to figure out what to do instead of yell at the family………….go to sleep i think…………….”

Well if you have found me, it is time maybe to resign your membership in the smokers club?

I will say , the hardest thing i ever did was resigning my membership in the smokers club.  BUT remember this, It was one of the best things I ever did. Ever seriously!! Never have I been so proud. My degree, my kids, my cats all pale in comparasion.Not really but you get my drift.  I imagine you think sad arse!! But for me, it was my hill I could not climb, It was the one thing that kept beating me, so when I finally beat it ( well regained control ) I was so proud and really relieved. I hated that this thing had a hold on me. Until the last few years of smoking, I liked smoking and I wouldn’t have admitted that I could not stop anyhow but when I made myself face the fact that I BLOODY couldn’t just stop and I did not like smoking then I started to get somewhere. For years I would go to myself, if I just stop smoking then I will be able to do this and I never did it because I had not stopped smoking, my smoking stopped me doing so much , well I stopped myself. But I am not here to play head games but to help you stop but I am sure you all recognise all the lies and games you play as a smoker. I will just have one smoke and then stop………………yeah, right!!

Things to think about:

1)      Dont ever think that you control the smokes. You don’t- AND you never will. Now I can hear those people who smoke a few a day or week saying  “she’s mad, I control the smokes”. Ha ha ha,  no , you don’t and until you realise that, they control you . Allan Carr taught me that and that was one of the biggest things I had to change. WE NEVER CONTROL THE SMOKES- REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH OR LITTLE WE SMOKE. You can escape the control but you are never the master. Think about it! People who smoke a few a week say they have control, they don’t because they still smoke. People who say but I have great control, i don’t smoke all week and then I do CAUSE I WANT TO in the weekends…………haaaaaaaaaaa- who has control??

2)      Stop lying to your self and making excuses. Saying that you can stop when you want , that you like smokes and many other stories. Until you can do that, you wont stop. Because you will always find another reason not to stop or an excuse why it’s too hard now.

3)      You need to be brutally honest. You can’t stop for this person or that person or this reason or that one. You need to stop for yourself and you have to really want to. It is not a half-hearted thing. You can’t sort of give up. Dont pat your self on the back for cutting back .Be real!! If you have 1 smoke, you may as well have 10. I used to think I was so good when I had one or two a day. All day I would be bloody miserable because i wanted to smoke more than the miserable two I had allotted myself and that was good?? No it wasn’t. And I would want the day to end so I could have another smoke. What a way to live? Wishing time away.

4)      You need to realise you may relapse. So what? Most smokers take at least 8 goes to finally stop. You gotta give it a go!! Then dust yourself off and have another go.

5)      You need to do what works for you. I went cold turkey , as that’s me. I hated the idea of putting more nicotine in my body as I didn’t want to have to wean myself of that later. As i have said, you do whats right for you, but to my way of thinking, do you give an alcoholic a little drink to help them stop? Or a chemical version of drinks? Also I thought if i was going to have patches, i may as well smoke. BUT YOU DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!

6)      I truly believe that when the time is right, you will stop. Now I am not religious in any shape or form BUT you need to believe in something. I truly think that there is a karma system and I also think everything has its day. Why I hear you ask did so and so not stop smoking? They wanted to but they never did. Well they didn’t want to, you know if you want something so much, you will make it happen.

So is it time for you yet?

And think of the $$$$$ you will save as it’s an EXPENSIVE CLUB!!

Have a think… Maybe tomorrow first steps???

Have a good one:)



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