Do you really want to stop?

Stopping smoking is about being really harsh with yourself and it took me 20 years to stop telling lies to myself about smoking. Every time I did not stop, there was always a reason.

Oh the lady at the hospital was crap, what would she know? True, she wasn’t a smoker, never had been, how would she know how to stop?

Oh, the time wasn’t right, I had too much on, the stress, you know……..

I was going out and there were going to be lots of smokers there….

Those bloody kids, they were annoying me, I couldn’t possibly stop ..…..

I really wanted to but I felt I wasn’t in the right place……..

I needed to get those pills/patches/lollies/ herbal smokes and I didn’t and I can’t stop without them…….

Oh, I really wanted but …………….but but but but

We all know this, we have all said it and heard it time and time again, many variations of my various excuses to why I couldn’t stop smoking.

See the pattern? We set ourselves up to fail………..because we allow ourselves to believe the lies we tell ourselves and we give ourselves reasons to fail because we rely on other things all the time….

Is this because we doubt ourselves? Is it because at least if we try we feel better? Who knows, I have thought about this for years and really have no idea, I have lots of hunches and maybes…………..

So until you take a long cold hard look at yourself, not others stop blaming them and actually stop blaming yourself too,  there is no point, then you will find it hard to stop because you will always be able to justify why you couldn’t stop. You don’t do it for mum, dad, kids, cats, mates , you do it for you and until you do, you will not succeed!! It has to be about you. You need to be selfish, you really do cause it’s a hard road BUT you can do it.

My friend, Tina, who you will hear about a lot throughout here, died of cancer, now I said to myself, ” If you stop smoking then Tina will be ok” and because Tina was not ok, was that my fault?? No, and I had stopped by then anyhow but that is what I did.I couldn’t stop for myself.  I would say to myself if you stop for this reason then this will be all good but i couldn’t and so i would blame myself for these things happening because I couldn’t stop smoking. How mental is that? Further more, Tina would have kicked my arse so hard if she had ever heard me saying dumb things like that !! YOU HAVE TO STOP FOR YOURSELF, NO ONE ELSE, NO OTHER REASON, YOU, YOU, YOU!!!


Oct OLD ATTEMPT to stop smoking

day 4………..

not a great day…………….well i woke up and i did not instantly want a smoke, so it was good and it was ok till about 2-3 pm when we had people come over and most of them were smoking…………….outside but still……………..i was able to ignore it for a while but then i caved in………….so now i have had 4 smokes today………………but back on the band wagon tomorrow…………….normally i would go, stuff it, i have buggered it up, but not this time, time to keep on trucking………… is not going to be smooth and if i can accept that it will make it easier………….
so here’s to a better smoke free day tomorrow…………..”

See, I was getting better but still making excuses for myself.

Just do it and do it for yourself,  it is never too late !!!

HOWEVER YOU DO IT, IT IS ALL THE SAME WHETHER IT BE COLD TURKEY (like me), ALLEN Carr, quitline, why quit , other quit groups, patches, gum, tablets, whatever , just do it!!! Right time for me to bugger off as I am starting to sound like a NIKE ad.

Take care, stay strong and smoke free


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