Wooooo…Look at this!!

My Quit Programme

My Quit Date: 21st of March 2008 

My Quit Stats

Are these corrrect?

Smoke free days 1524 days
Cigarettes NOT smoked 30,480
Money saved $17,526.00
Grams NOT smoked 10,886
Money saved $6,976.00
Total savings $24,502.00

These are my stop smoking stats as at today!! Can you believe it??? Look at how much $$$$$$$  I have saved!! And to be honest (as i wasn’t completely when I started) I was probably smoking more than that some days but I was too ashamed to say it. SEE??? More lies, I couldn’t even say how much I smoked as I wanted to at least think it was not so bad.

I would say to myself  ” at least its not more than 10 a day!!” Talk about self righteous!!  🙂 OMG, i kill myself!! 🙂 Big liar and that made me feel sooooo much better than the people who smoked 11 or 15 or 25 a day…… back to that at least I am not like those junkies type thinking….

Hello, yes you are!! 1, 5, 10, 40 smokes, all the same!! Smoker of 1 is as bad as a smoker of 40….Still addicted cause if you weren’t,  why bother smoking just one?

Just wanted to share this today and also remind you to check out the following two sites.

They are my favourites and played a BIG BIG part in me stopping.


PLEASE BE ADVISED:This is a hard hitting site. At first it really scared me but this is what we turn away from being smokers. I MADE myself read these peoples stories and look at the photo’s and the lady Deborah’s story I followed over about 18 months until she passed away. These stories reached somewhere in my brain and heart that no others had. Sure being a smoker, I knew and still KNOW the stats and yes, i see the ugly photos of smokers with cancer BUT i didn’t really see them if you understand what i mean. Somewhere in the recess of my brain, I still thought, “that will not happen to me, I am immune to that, that is only OTHER smokers, not me”. Once something clicked in my rational part of my brain, that the person with the cancer could be me, things started to change in my thinking.  This site and a few other things all related to smoking helped me to stop. I spent weeks worrying and having sleepless nights about getting cancer until I realised, I was either going to drive myself mad with the worry (as i was making myself physically ill) or I could stop smoking. For the first time, I realised that I was killing myself. Russian Roulette anyone? Only different is the gun may have a few more chambers and you may get a few more rolls of the chamber but are you willing to keep risking it?

My second site is:


The blogs on here are wonderful and it really was a lifesaver for me at times. I don’t know why but it was. I could get on there and rant and rave and get all that ugliness and rage at not smoking out and EVERYONE understood what was going on. That was the best bit. Plus going in and getting your stats was the BEST, BEST,BEST! Seeing those days add up……….Cool.

Are you thinking about your foundations? and your list?

How is it going?

Have a good one.

Stay Strong!!


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