Cold Turkey anyone?? - a free online quit smoking support group for cold turkey quitters

I just want to say first off that the site is the BEST site in the world for cold turkey. I didn’t want to take nicotine replacement products or chemical products but didn’t think i could do it cold turkey but this site and the site really helped me do it . I will do a post for both sites separately as methods in quitting as each deserves its own post:)


This is the main method I used to quit. I am its greatest fan BUT don’t think, I am slagging you off  if you did it another way. I am not. As I have said and will say repeatedly


As I have said, I don’t like nicotine replacement and pills but that is just me, I am not slamming others because to me, you stop how you stop. I just don’t like pills/potions in general so that is why that did not appeal to me. It’s not I don’t believe in pills or medicines or have weirdo natural ideas because I don’t and I make sure my children have the best medicine can offer but for me after having a hideous experience with drugs years ago, I am very very careful what I take, hence why me smoking was so hypocritical. Here I would not take nurofen unless rolling on the floor in agony, yet I was happy to puff, puff, puff away!!

I don’t take anything unless really dire and even though this was dire, I still could not do it. You need to what is right for you personally, I think that makes a big difference. Once you stop trying to push yourself into that round hole (ha ha square pegs) and devise something for you, then you are on the way. I know people who used patches, websites, natural pills/ herbal smokes, prayers, support groups, books and many more. What is important is to STOP.

Although it doesn’t matter how you stop,  I really think that not relying on one method has to be good as if that one method trips you up, then you still have other methods in place and they may get you through but if you stop and that one single method doesn’t work, then you have every reason to go “ oh well, cant do it”……….but using a variety of methods utilising many methods, you are not allowing yourself any wiggle room in a sense.I think this is where cold turkey is good as you do employ other methods to help you get through.

I did notice that more and more studies are coming out that show nicotine replacement is not the be all and end of smoking cessation.

This is an interesting article and it basically sums up how I feel about it.

As I have said and will say a thousand times more though, you stop how YOU stop, there is no right or wrong list, sort of like childbirth………Yes, there are ones there who crow about doing it ‘natural’ but the fact is some women can’t have natural childbirth or don’t want to and it is the same with smoking cessation.

Yes, personally I do think just stop, don’t make yourself reliant on more poisons but in a real world that wont happen as everyone is different. There will be people out there who can go to the dentist and do it ‘naturally’, now I can’t, that is my one exception where I go for the MAXIMUM of drugs, in fact I would be knocked out completely if it was possible EVERY time but it’s not. Smoking is the same, some can do it without chemical aids etc and some can’t- who cares as long as you stop. That is the main objective here.

So Cold turkey? how do you do it?

I have to say, it’s a goodie as , you don’t need special equipment or anything, its free, you can’t say you are waiting for anything or other people as it’s all on you!! For me, it meant the beginning may have been harder as i only had myself (and lollies and cranberries) to help lessen the cravings but then as i only once tried patches years ago for a half a day, i didn’t know any other way. But within 12 hours , most of the nicotine ( is out of the body so you know the cravings are mainly psychological which are way harder than the physical cravings. All you need to do is stop!!

To help myself, I changed my routine for the first few weeks so I wasn’t putting myself in any situations where I would have additional stress or temptation. I didn’t go outside for breaks or lunch for about 9 months, I think.You do I think,  get more unpleasant physical side effects with Cold turkey but as I said, the bulk of that goes after 3-4 days, then its just mental torture and that comes with most withdrawal methods unless you are heavily sedated.

I will leave you today with one of my original blogs at day 112.

“HELP !!!

God talk about get behind thee satan……………
Last night i was lying there in my warm bed, just before going to sleep and i had this OVERWHELMING need to smoke a craving unlike others!!!
God only knows what stopped me but it seemed to last forever!!!
And then again this morning, only briefly this morning but still…………..
I think it is to remind me the addiction is always there>……………Who knows……………..I am at 112 days but still these things come up…………..
Really really wanted to smoke………………………Need some more cranberry juice as that helps the cravings…………………
anyhow any advice on this period would be great i know 3-4 months can be testing but i am almost over that time………………………… fingers, toes etc crossed…………………”

And as you know, I did get over i, t as here i am 4 + years later,  still smoke free. 🙂

Stay strong and smokefree.

You can do this !! 🙂


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