Get behind thee, Devil sticks!!


Today’s post is not advice, it is a RANT!! But hopefully there is something in here that you can take from it and I will too hopefully!!I tell you this not so you will think “she is a Nutter” or “Great, that really makes me want to stop”.

Nope, that is not the intent at all. It more to make you realise just how a powerful addiction smoking is and how we need to treat it as an addiction, not as anything else.

Today I had a crap, shit day. VERY bad. In fact being honest, it has been a very BAD 3 months. Basically I quit my job as it was just unbearable and having 3 kids etc and being responsible, you can imagine how bad it was for me to get to that stage. It is at Employment tribunal stage but will still take maybe 6 months.  It is just impossible to get something else and it takes a toll financially and that affects everything else. So now I have no job, no money, I think my husband has had enough of me and to top it all off, I BLOODY WANT TO SMOKE!!

It is like give me a break here!! I don’t drink or have caffeine as it makes me want to smoke, so rather than make it worse I have them up to with the fags, so I have no crutches at all. Today seriously, i really really had to apply the 10 second rule, well it felt like ten minutes. It was almost on my knees time with this bloody craving.

However, the one good thing that it did remind me of was just how strong an addiction smoking is and how we really need to treat it as such. Stress triggers long remembered habits!!  People who were drug addicts or alcoholics say that they have to work on being clean every day and it is like that with smoking. You still have to make that choice not to smoke when sometimes, being brutally honest, it would be easier (not better) to smoke.

Don’t think I am trying to depress you. You don’t crave all day, you don’t but sometimes when things are crap, as i have shown, the cravings are just as intense BUT the difference is I have better tools to deal with the cravings and it reminds me not to take my non smoking for granted!!

Things to think about…..

Have a good one.

Stay strong and smoke free.



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