Today’s tip: 01/06/2012

The ten second rule!! Yes, I know you are probably wondering what the hell is she on about? Ok, well you know the ten minute rule with exercise? You make yourself do the exercise with the condition that after ten minutes if you want to stop you can. You never do,  as by the time ten minutes have passed, you think “may as well carry on as I have got this far “. Got me?

With stopping smoking, I used to say to myself when I REALLY REALLY wanted to smoke, I could if I still really wanted one after ten seconds. Initially I think it was a minute and over time I pared it down but really when you think of that crave time, it is only a split second really. It may feel like forever but it usually is not. Now after that time had elapsed, I wouldn’t be craving and although I still may want a smoke, that really intense wanting had gone:) and I was strong enough to keep fighting.  They reckon that it is the not denying yourself helps too!! You know reverse psychology? Not sure about that though………..

P.S I didn’t do this is in the first “hell week” of stopping……….that would have been asking too much!!


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