Today’s Tip: 03/06/2012 :

Run, run as fast as you can OR Run rabbit, Run Rabbit, run, run, run……

Remember these sayings from when you were a kid? Well what are you waiting for? Not necessarily running but walking, get those marching boots on and start walking,  running, jogging, skipping!! When I stopped, if I wanted a smoke, I would go running or if I really had a bad crave but couldn’t run (like at work) , I would get up and walk,walk,walk  to the photocopier, to the toilet, to the canteen (err not to the vending machine) for 1-2 minutes until it passed……….Sounds mad but it distracts you and it passes…………Even round and round  in circles and you are so dizzy, you feel ill and forget smoking!! Just kidding…

Not quite what we had in mind!!

So you know what to do…err and not above either!! Get those shoes on!!

Thanks to for the piccy!! 🙂


Have a great smoke free day!!



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