Time for a Weight Rant:

You have been warned so don’t read any more if you are not up to mad cat woman rants today.

I am going to try to do a rant on something daily, so like the smoking news I do but a light-hearted note as we really need that to stop smoking, lose weight and sometimes just to get through the bloody day. Most of it will be tongue in cheek, me poking fun at myself but sometimes pondering why some people are allowed to walk the streets, YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

The weight rant has emerged today because I decided in my wisdom that I would bake my apricot and raisin brioche along with plain brioche. I know you are thinking “SO”!!

The problem is and yes, why am i walking the streets?  (well today anyhow) was i joined this 12 week body challenge to give my fitness and increased smoking urges a good boot up the jacksey!! Today I started the challenge but i had to do my bread today as it was ready to go.  Labour intensive so couldn’t waste it…………..So i get up early to let it prove, then i go back to sleep and it slightly over proves. Not a biggie but still…………So the bread is baked and I am ADDICTED to bread, not white crap, only stuff made with love, so maybe a gorgeous ciabatta white loaf but you know the white crap I mean.

Could you say NO to this?

I am not supposed to be eating Brioche on this plan…………No normal person could say no to this brioche so I have some. I am REALLY good and allow for it in this programme, meaning that as brioche is about a zillion calories, I can now eat 1 kiwifruit for the rest of my day. Not that bad but almost!!

This bloody bread is sitting on the bench taunting me!! But i created the whole situation by making the bread. Silly, silly, silly.

Anyhow day one is almost done on this program. I did my exercise, which is ok as I run anyhow but the sprints WERE not fun. I don’t sprint, i endure people, I run long time baby. Can I sprint, no!! You do 30 seconds(feels like 30 minutes) sprinting, 30 seconds collapsing, i mean walking.

Feel your pain mate!!

My cats thought this was hilarious, me running hell for leather down the stretch of road and then falling over on the road. Only to come back and do it again!! They sat on the fence thinking  ” And humans wonder why we are the masters?” Only because I feed them will they not ignore me in embarrassment but I am sure they told the neighbour cats, that I was NOT their mum………..

And joy oh joy, it is almost time to go to my arsey temp job (WHICH REALLY REALLY REALLY MAKES ME WANT TO SMOKE, EAT COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF CHOCOLATE, DRINK ABSINTHE AND SHOOT PEOPLE) at which I really do think that George Bush has a lot of bastard children living in NZ and Australia. More on the job delights another day…………..

Argh!! Why are all the good things bad for us?

So Stay Smoke free and be Strong!!

And may the Bread gods be with you!!



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