So you are thinking of using Zyban to stop?

I never used Zyban so I can’t comment on it personally so any comments would be appreciated as it’s always good to get personal views.

I am only giving you the basic facts here . If you want the side effects, dosage, contradictions, you need to go to my links below to the sites for official information on Zyban. Being a prescription medicine, I am not going to get into yes/ no’s and maybe.

Originally designed as an anti-depressant, it was found to assist smokers in their fight to stop accidentally. So not only did you cure your depression, you got the added bonus of stopping smoking too which was thought to be a bonus as depression (most mental illness in general) and smoking tend to be great mates for many people. I found that smoking increased my panic attacks/anxiety so I would have another smoke to be calm and the cycle would go round and round and round, with me convinced that my smokes were helping me, not hindering me. Zyban was released in New Zealand about mid 2000.

Zyban reduces the craving for smoking and so helps you to stop smoking. Its exact
mechanism of action is not fully understood, but it is believed that it interacts with
chemicals in the brain called noradrenaline and dopamine, which are associated with
craving and withdrawal. There appears to be no danger with taking Zyban and smoking which I know is a fear with some people.It is suggested that you abstain from drinking alcohol whilst taking Zyban. Zyban is recommended in conjunction with NRT to assist on stopping smoking. However before taking or deciding on Zyban, look at my links below, look at http://www.quit.org.nz/ and see your Doctor.

Diary from person who took Zyban to stop smoking :

“A day by day diary of how it feels to a smoker who quit smoking using Zyban.

You’ve probably heard of so many different smoking cessation programs that you’ve all but given up hope of anything actually working for you. If you’ve got the will to quit, there is hope and you just might find it in a medication called Zyban. I did.

Zyban is actually an anti-depressant medication though many experts feel it is more successful as an aid for quitting smoking. Your doctor will probably tell you that Zyban will not affect your mood at all if you are not depressed. While Zyban may not work for everyone, my diary will show you what you can expect as you prepare to quit.

Day One

I feel a little weird taking my first Zyban tablet. It will be my luck to have some of the side effects I’ve heard of. Is that my way of getting out of quitting? I don’t think so. I really want to do this””I just want to do it without pain.

Day Two

Took my pill again. Nothing happening. I’m very anxious for a cigarette to taste awful.

Day Three

Tomorrow I start taking two pills a day. Being a non smoker is getting closer. It’s a scary thought till I remember the doctor’s words when she checked my breathing. “You know how you hear people with emphysema”¦” and she demonstrated the sound. “You don’t have emphysema but it’s the step before and that’s natural after 25 years of smoking,” she said. I hear those words daily in my mind and that’s why Zyban is going to work.

Day Four

First day taking two pills. I’m getting anxious and it seems like I’m chain-smoking this morning. This afternoon I was smoking a cigarette and thinking I didn’t really want it. Could that really be? I’m still smoking as much, but it really is starting to bug me.

It’s nearly midnight and I feel like I’m smoking like a chimney””I smoked a whole package today”.

For the rest of the story please follow this link http://www.essortment.com/quit-smoking-zyban-26379.html


For personal views and opinions on Zyban and side effects, please view the Quit.org.nz link below:


http://www.quit.org.nz/search/?c=search&m=index&keywords=zybanFor further information on Zyban, please look at my links or see your Doctor or Health professional.http://www.familydoctor.co.nz/index.asp?U=conditions&A=32812





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