Ok, so today Champix:

As you know, not a big fan of the pills but whatever gets you to stop is good with me:)

Once again , I would like personal opinions on how it works for you , that would be great!!

CHAMPIX® is designed to help reduce the impact of nicotine during the quitting process. CHAMPIX® works in two ways; it can reduce cravings and block the effect of nicotine at the same time so if you do smoke, you might not get the usual feelings of reward, so it might be easier to resist.

As with Zyban, I am not going to get into details too much as I don’t want to get my arse sued if I make an error writing what to and not to do if someone takes what I write over a doctors instruction. Look at the 2 links above that will allow you to digest the official information, then look at the views below> I can’t give an opinion on Champix from personal experience but I do want to say just from what I have read…………NOPE!! But if you think it will work for you and most of us are sensible people and weigh up the pro’s and cons, then do it. I know the desperation of not being able to stop and if you think it will help, you try it. As I said, its YOUR way and as long as it’s not dangerous.

Excellent book, by the way!!

One thing that did concern me was the fact it increases depression risk and when you stop smoking for many people you enter a state of depression, usually mild because you lose what was a BIG BIG BIG factor in your life, so to take a pill that may help you stop smoking  BUT increase that risk of depression, especially if you are already depressed,  sorry but I have to say don’t like it 😦

Once again it is you weighing up your odds but for me, having experience with depression, It is a big no-no because I have an increased risk already and to possibly increase it further, for me , would be very stupid.

Look at the link below to and look at the stories/opinions.

Kiwi Champix users warned of depression risk:

Safety of stop smoking drug questioned:

Interesting articles regarding Champix:


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