Grrrrrr, Do You Wonder ?

Why people go into their place of employment and shoot people?or go mad?

Pure frustration, I would say and dealings with idiot morons.

I am not saying we need to go quite to that extreme but dealing with morons all day is exceptionally taxing!!

No wonder people want to drink, smoke and all those things!!

Let me tell you about my temporary job. I noticed the other day that on my timesheet everyday i was listed as being 5-10 minutes late every day, yet i was there 1-2 minutes before hand. Apparently I am supposed to be logged in and ready to work at the stroke of the starting hour. Now that is fine but what is not fine, is they expect me to come in early , 5-10 minutes UNPAID and sign in so i can start straight away on the hour!! Then when you finish , you need to finish 2 minutes past the hour, once again unpaid. It is like HELLO???? that is not going to be happening.

Normally when you work in places, there is give and take and you don’t mind complying with above as other good factors weigh it out BUT believe me, no give and take here at all so there will be no giving by me, I am afraid 🙂

To get another job in the organisation (and they actively try to recruit within and then wonder why there are vacancies?? ) you need to have a recommendation from the manager where you are.  So for example, in my case, I take a job as I need the $$$ but the job is shite, the money is shite, the workers are good but the management are shitey assholes. For me to get out of the shitey job into one where I maybe able to use some of my skills rather than the extravagant 2 % I use now,I need a recommendation from my manager. Until I work to a standard my current manager thinks is good, no recommendation for another job. Another job that bears no relation to the crappy one, one that allows me to use my prior experience, hello???  Duhhhhhhhhh? Plus how you do in one job (especially if you hate it) bears no relation to how you will in another job in a TOTALLY different field!! GRRRRRRRRR. And as he informed me,  he couldn’t consider recommending me at the moment as he is short-staffed!! Like that is my fault or problem!! So you need to stay in the said arsey job because the company sucks and can’t hold staff but its in no way is that the company’s fault , it’s the people who work for them!!

No bloody wonder most of the staff there smoke and no wonder it is full of people desperate (like moi!!) for work or  fresh from overseas and need the job to get a visa else wouldn’t consider working there in their right minds!!

Hmm and I wonder why the turn over of staff is so high???Don’t need to be a brain surgeon to work that one out!! GRRRRRRRRRR

Am I looking for another job!! HELL YES!!

AND don’t even get me started on the clients………………We are talking ones where you want to ram your head into the wall constantly and REALLY REALLY need to bite your toungue not to say “Are you serious?”….

Stay strong and stay smoke free!!


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