Cigarette Plant?? Today’s Tip 06/06/2012:

I don’t actually know the proper name of this plant and I keep meaning to look and see but I always forget. Ironically it is my all time favourite with Sunflowers. This plant below is my favourite as it was taken from my Gran’s one about 12 years ago and it has almost been killed by my husband a few times when I have been away but it is STILL here and I have about 5 babies of it now in case hubby does it again!! Love it!! Always makes me smile.

Cigarette Plant

Today I thought maybe a little Kiwiana to make us smile in smoking hard times!!

Forgot the jandals though 🙂 But remember this guy below???


and then what a bonus to see in winter, a pohutukawa in bloom 🙂


So your task today is to find something that makes you smile 🙂 That is my tip for today. Get something, no matter how small that will make you smile and forget the fags for a minute. It could be something you see everyday!! Smile…….it will get better…..


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