Look out for…..

In the next 2-4 weeks, I will be reviewing various stop smoking books!!

Paul McKenna, Shane Ward, The Wise woman’s way to stop smoking, the little book of quitting, The Mens guide to stop smoking, Smoking cessation, Quit smoking without will power, Quit for life, Quit smoking in one hour and the list goes on and on and on……..

My God, there are alot of them………I will be researching success rates, personal views and then posting online what I have found and being told.

So if you have any you would like me to look at, let me know! or anything you would recommend, let me know!!

Anything to help our fellow ex and non smokers!!

There are alot of books out there BUT as we know, how successful are they?

That my friends, is the million dollar question !!

I will also be contiuning the slow process of writing up posts on various other methods to stop smoking as well…. I did go to a hypnotist myself years ago…………A friend stopped smoking with acupuncture.

All work in progress….

Whats that saying?? Good things come to those who wait!!

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