Yep, more exercise bleating:

I know, hate, hate, hate and hate!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! But its GOOD FOR YOU!!

Ha ha, ok, serious though..Look at this below…I am not telling you anything that somewhere in your mind, you don’t already know 🙂

With the smoking, you need to employ as many methods and as much arsenal as possible because the nicodemon is a sneaky, crafty bugger!!

He will whisper in your ear………...”Argh, that didn’t help, why bother, why not just have a smoke!!” or  ” err ,that’s horrible, smoking feels much better than that” . 

Exercise is one way we can stamp that bloody voice out for good!! and stay quit for good!!

I was thinking today while I was running (as am doing a fitness challenge at the moment) and this is a thought I have had many times , “Do I need to do this for the rest of my life?”

It seems a bit too depressing to think about in that context. It is a long time and I can’t imagine how many sessions of exercise would be!! Hideous.

I hate to say it but I do feel better when I exercise BUT sometimes it can be such a hassle and I really don’t feel like doing it.

One thing I do remember about starting running again when I stopped smoking (and all exercise at that time) was I was really really unfit and I swore, never again would I let myself get so unfit. I could run with a struggle but anything else was terrible. I remember some gym sessions feeling like I would pass out, vomit or have a heart attack but it was because I was so unfit. So somewhere in my brain I associate those terrible feelings with smoking so that helps me not smoke again and retain some level of fitness.

I am not saying you need to run, but I have to say that sometimes even though a large part is not enjoyable, some of my running is near euphoric!! That runners high does exist……… and there is something similar in all exercise………….

So get out those walking shoes/ boots baby!! and walk, run, skip, jump, hike, swim, bike………….WHATEVER!! You have heard me say it before………….and I will say it again and again and again and again………….

Yes I am going now 🙂

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