Blurggghhh!! Dirty Smelly….

bloody jersey. Euwwwww…….. and i HATE to say it but dirty smelly smokers!!

I like to wear my husbands jerseys late at night in winter as they are really warm and they come down to my knees:)

But I just grabbed one he has not washed for a while (i hope that’s what it is) and It reeks, REEKS, of cigarettes. It is enough to make me gag!!

Serious, I always try not to be one of the rabid mad dog type ex-smoker.  YOU ALL KNOW what i mean!! The ones that rant and rave about smokers “filthy, filthy, dirty, blah, blah, blah……..” You know the ones and you can feel the rage. I am not sure if that is from the rage that ex smokers get initially until the hormones clam down or the ones that are SOOOOOOOO angry they had to stop, they can’t bear others to smoke.

Anyhow I digress, I try to be considerate in the sense, that I KNOW how bloody hard it is to stop (especially if you like smoking) and some people have no idea they bloody stink when they smoke.

My husband started smoking about a year ago again and I knew he was smoking but i didn’t think it was many and I know it does no good to hassle a person about smoking. We all know they need to stop when they stop.

The smell on the jersey is revolting and actually i have now taken off the jersey but it still stinks, i can smell it on me!! It makes me think, did I smell like that?

God I hope not as I used to really try not to smell and some people used to be surprised when they saw me smoke as they said they could not smell it on me!!

Last week I was sitting next to a man who smelt like he licked the cigarettes from the ashtray and chewed cat pooh and then rolled in it and i thought ” Do you know you smell like that?” It was so bad that I had to discreetly pull up my scarf (thank god for winter) and do little dog like pants out my nose. I could not bear to breathe in, that is how repulsive it was. But what do you do? Say “you stinky F****r, have a wash and brillo your mouth and disinfect your clothes?” Err nope!! No wonder I felt light-headed when I got off the bus….

So what to do re the hubby and the smoking? Wash the jersey?? but it’s not the jersey per se, it’s the smoking over all…………..

Another thing to ponder for tomorrow…..

Have a good SMOKE FREE DAY.

Stay Strong and smoke free!!


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