Grrrrr…..Guilt and Shame!!

Err who doesn’t know these guys?? Guilt and shame, stomp, stomp, stomp!

And they are hard to get rid of too!!

Bloody hell, this is what happens when you think too much too early in the morning!!

What , you may ask has brought this on?


Hard life, as you can see!!

Hmm, just looking!!

In the sun

Yes, I know, you are thinking she has gone mad!! But no, I haven’t I promise.

As you can see, it is a HARD HARD life for our cats. This morning I was reading Simon Daubney’s “Stop Smoking” book and it said what about your pets and secondhand smoke? You know, I had NEVER EVER even given it a thought when i smoked. NEVER EVER. Believe me, these cats are considered A LOT!! I have told hubby to sleep on the couch rather than move the cats from his side of the bed:) and i gladly share my steak with them and will sit for hours while they sit on my knee and not move so i don’t disturb them!

Can you now see why I feel guilty? I think that many of you will say the same thing. I love those rat bags to bits and i just never considered them. You know i used to smoke outside , I NEVER EVER SMOKED INSIDE ONCE I HAD KIDS!! but i never thought of my fluffsters!!

 I will need to compensate, believe me. They have been giving me the cat evils all morning, no matter that two of them we did not have when I smoked:) (4+ years ago now) but I feel, I will need to compensate. There will be NO possibility of sitting near the heater in the near future or any heat source for that matter. Not that I get a look in now!! there may even be extra cat treats and pats and steak involved as well.

Birds too are especially sensitive to smoke and i have birds too!! I knew this but I didn’t if that makes sense. i never smoked inside but I am sure sometimes the smoke drifted in near them 😦

So bear this mind, if you smoke and have pets!! For some of us, it may help give us that nudge to stop smoking.

Have a Great SMOKE FREE DAY!!

Be strong, you CAN DO IT!!


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