Stop Smoking :The Essential Guide:

By Simon Daubney.

This book is part of the Need2Know series.

It is a nice slim book (which i always like) which is a round-up of how you can stop smoking.The author is a nurse who has/ does work with smoking cessation patients. This is always a good thing. Simon used to be a smoker as well, so not only is he qualified medically but he truly knows what the experience is like.  I have to say that one of the reasons I love Allan Carr, is that he smoked and I truly felt he felt my pain so to speak:). I am not saying the author needs to smoke or have smoked but to me I relate to them better. I do though like this book because the author states HOW HARD it is to stop and he is not saying it in a negative way but a realistic manner. That was one of my only grumbles with Allan Carr and many of these smoking books, is they say “its easy”. It bloody isn’t.

There is a good mix of straight talking but not matey and facts in the book, but not too many so you think, “God, does he think I am thick and don’t know that?”

Plus I love that he states this

“Smoking is said to be one of the hardest things to give up once you have started. Even Heroin addicts have reported that smoking is harder to give up than Heroin.

This is a well-known fact but smokers need to remember it when they castigate themselves for not stopping. This book helps you to understand your addiction and explores why you smoke and looks at methods to stop, weight maintenance, stop smoking organisations and how to stay quit!! There is even a section for loved ones to help support the quitter!!

Will this help you stop? No, I don’t think so BUT I think it is a very good contemplation/ first steps book and a good guide to further resources and how to go about stopping and making sure you have all the ducks in a row so to speak.

Big thumbs up on this one for a great starter guide to stopping!!









2 thoughts on “Stop Smoking :The Essential Guide:

  1. Thank you for your comments regarding my book. Yes, it is but one tool in a person’s bid to stop smoking. Many things all come together. Once again, thank you. It is nice to get feedback. I enjoyed reading your blogg. Regards Simon

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