World Smoking News 14/06/2012

Greetings peoples….Don’t these look yummy!!

Wonder if they have tobacco flavoured?? I am JOKING!!  But there are some very weird and almost pretentious flavours out there now that chefs/bakers make up or combine so people think they are ‘out there’ on the cutting edge of culinary creativity!! Yep, whatever!

Something scrummy-……..

A great day!! I have a new job………yippee!!

That makes things LESS stressful, I tell you.

Today’s interesting snippets……

Northland man (NZ) fined for making tobacco.

The sperm story from yesterday is VERY popular and in many papers so for you lot that missed it yesterday, here it is again from another paper:

Drinking, smoking and obesity does not affect sperm count:

New York State University to ban all smoking from 2014: (Hmm, Auckland University started that last year I think, no smoking on Uni premises)

York Housing announces ban on smokers :

Hope you are all having a GREAT SMOKE FREE DAY!!


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