GRRR ..Closet & Part Time Smokers…

Sorry but I have to say that part-time, closet or/and occasional smokers REALLY piss me off!!

I used to think it was because they had the control to smoke a few and then not bother about it for ages. That used to send me into a JEALOUS INCANDESCENT RAGE!! How dare they have 1-2 smokes and then hide it away again until they felt like another?? Or just pretend they didn’t smoke? More importantly, why could I not do this?


It was my dream to smoke 1-2 a day, I would have been happy to do this. I would not have considered myself to be an addict on 1-2 a day………SUPREME CONTROL!!Thats what I thought smugly to myself. Hah ha ha How naive I was!! So I embarked on my part time supremeness to only have 1-2 smokes a day and this is basically how it would pan out. I woke up, make my coffee and enjoy that morning smoke, in peace, bliss, before the day would start………………then I would have a smoke to look forward to at the end of the day!! Easy………….Yep, all sounds good BUT in reality, ALL DAY, ALL DAY AND ALL DAY, I would wait for it to be the appointed hour where I could have my 2nd smoke………… a bloody fool!!After the PM smoke, I would be waiting for the morning, the only good thing was 6-8 hours sleep would ease that waiting. Not quite a part-time smoker……….

 I would rage at these bloody people who would have a packet of smokes and it would last them…..say a month!! And they would smugly just have one, sliding the smoke out of the packet with oh so casual non chalantness that makes you want to slap them, HARD!! Like they don’t really want the smoke but are doing it only cause they feel like it and its no big deal. You would want to kill them and I am sure they said it with extreme smugness too!!

What about the casual/ closet smokers that nick all your fags and never replace them?And in the same breath as asking for a smoke, go on about dirty smokers?? GRRRRRRRRR

Some people may become part-time smokers on their way to give up, this is acceptable!!

What is not acceptable is the bum licky ones i have described above………

That makes me wonder then, am I a closet drinker??? Do people look at me and go bum lick, How can she only drink once a year maybe? No, surely not 🙂 I don’t drink because like the cigarettes, I can’t control myself so I just don’t or I will drink rarely but fully accepting when I do, I know I will not have just have one drink. Maybe I am a binger? I suppose smokers are bingers too………they will binge and then not smoke for months……..

Hmmm, may need to ponder this more………

Interestingly enough, this part-time and occasional smoking behaviour has been noticed and like Allen Carr (bow at the knee) said, “We (smokers) aspire to be like that and to have that control to smoke at leisure!!” but really who has the control?? Hmmm. If you had the control would you need to have that odd one smoke?

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