Escape from Smoking; Tim Williamson:

Change your life in 3 hours!! Look younger, feel younger, make money and love your life!!

Hmmmm pretty heady claims……….Author of other “Escape” books. Once again I wonder about the wisdom of applying other principles to smoking.

“I am going to show you how to free your mind from a program of behavior that has had you in its clutches for far too long. I will teach you to be able to shift your focus and energy to more worthwhile pursuits – your family, friends, self-improvement, health and wight loss, to name a few. You will b able to begin and complete this transition without spending another cent of your hard-earned money. i am going to show you how you can get the most out of your life and have as much as you desire…”

In Escape from Smoking, Tim Williamson says he will show you how to break the destructive chain of behavior that makes quitting smoking so tough, and how to ditch the cigarettes without:

  • spending money on nicotine patches or gum, or expensive vitamin supplements
  • going through demoralizing weight gain
  • losing motivation, feeling deprived or caving into withdrawal.
Nice claims but is it pie in the sky and in 3 hours???
The book says you need to enter the program with a relaxed mind, no pre conceived ideas about stopping, a view to gaining a new life and a willingness to participate fully. He looks at triggers, what nicotine does, what you perceive that smoking does for you, weight management, your future and your program. Interestingly enough, the program bit is last and the smallest section. Go figure!!
I don’t know really, its like any other run of the mill, stop smoking, trying to be different book by a life coach. He does get you to examine certain aspects of your behaviour in detail and ask questions that are relevant but you have probably asked these yourself.
This book is no worse or better than the average run of the mill stop smoking book. Will it help you? Probably not and there is nothing revolutionary or extra in there for you to try. Will it give you new ideas?
No, I don’t think so. It’s pretty ho hum really.It wouldn’t even inspire me to think about stopping.
Sorry, guys no miracle cure here 🙂


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