Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking:

Allen Carr and Bev Aisbett.

A liberating guide to a smoke free future. Allen Carr’s illustrated version!!

Allen, in this book, acknowledges difficulties that are particular to women who want to stop smoking. It is written in Allen’s usual manner and the illustrations by Bev are great. As you know, i think the ‘easy’ is a farce but Allen does make it easier to stop.

This particular version wasn’t out when i stopped but it is quite good. Not sure if i prefer it over the original version but the pictures make it lighter hearted and they do appeal in a sense. It has the same message as all his books.

Just don’t know whether I would use it to stop though? Hmm, will need to ponder it more.

Maybe more first steps or a contemplation period book?

I like that Allen says that you can never have another puff.

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