Why Quit? Cold Turkey….

When I speak of Why Quit most of the time , I am talking about the website.

It is a hardcore cold turkey site. No NRT, Champix anything COLD TURKEY!!

It is the most wonderful site, it really is, I could not have stopped smoking without it.

Now they are HARD CORE!! You must be nicotine free to be part of the site. It has the most wonderful resources and blogs. Great support but like I said it is hard-core. It really frightened me to be honest at first but it really inspired me and helped me get through the first 72 hours of NO SMOKES!!! You can’t take another puff either, no slips up, it is harsh but you need to be sometimes and that is what some of us need.Me anyhow. If you want a hand holding or patting site where people will tell you its ok to slip, it’s not this one.


It has fantastic resources as well.

If you are serious about stopping, you need to check it out, it is a great resource and source of support and much more.

The stories are heart wrenching and usually I would read something like that and go whatever as I had for years and thought “just trying to frighten me’ but it is more than that. I can not explain it, you need to look at it yourself and see what I mean.

Stay Strong and SMOKE FREE!!!

NO contemplation on this site:) JUST DO IT!!







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