Grrr- Stupid Arse!!

back to the old smoking and food again…A right old rant here 🙂

this article, yes, I know a little old now , annoys me……

yep!! rage…

I just think when you are stopping you don’t need that sort of thing, like you are a dumb arse and to be honest, you can only do one thing at a time. Like when you are stopping you want the added stress of having to choose food wisely but it is more that the article reads like you are a moron!!

Believe me when I say that 90% of the time, I am a food nazi but when I stopped smoking, I threw it right out the window as the MOST important thing is to stay stopped. It is near impossible to be a food angel as well and like all addicts , you do to some degree replace one addiction for another initially. Sorry, but in my mind, one needs some treats when stopping smoking and SORRY but a bloody broccoli or bean salad ain’t gonna do it!! You need some yum food, cheese, nice steaks, nice cakes and the list of yummy food goes on. I agree, get in good food, like have a nice piece of tart rather than some store brought biccies………..or a nice steak sandwich rather than KFC but calorie wise, nah……….forget it initially.

With food even now, I say, when I eat, I want to eat the best TASTING food I can have, and you know most of the time, it’s not bad for you…………wouldn’t you rather have a 800 cal gorgeous lamb steak with bacon, garlic potatoes and fresh beans meal, than a 800 cal KFC bucket??? I would and do…………. and YOU DESERVE GORGEOUS FOOD WHEN YOU ARE STOPPING!! Yes, fruit is nice but it doesn’t hit the spot when you are stopping smoking…….

But with the smoking, as I have said many a time, your blood sugars go mental for a while and ok, heaps of lollies won’t help but for a short time, it won’t hurt you!!

Get some of this gorgeousness in your gob!! better than lollies anyday:)

Have a great smoke free day!! and be kind to yourself if you are stopping 🙂


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