I have been AWOL….

First a bit of fun…I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!

Thinking of new ideas and ways to help smokers give it all up!! and ways to rant about other ‘weight’ matters…:)

Had a wee struggle not smoking lately,  I havent started but as I have said before, this year for some reason, I have found very hard to abstain from smoking.I don’t know why. Yes, it has been in many parts a crap year but it has also being very good.I am now around a lot of smokers too which doesn’t tempt me smoking wise but I miss that buddyness of smokers sometimes………You just don’t get that with non smokers 😦

So going forward, I am going to do the smoking news, twice a week, instead of daily smoking news.Also to come more debate on the actual smoking news and more rants on things that annoy me.

Also I think a bit more light heartiness:) as that helps us stop smoking too.

So any ideas, suggestions, advise, criticisms, praise would be great!!

See you all and back on track tomorrow!!


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