Bake Your little heart out!!

No, I haven’t lost the plot. What I say is the truth!!

From the Queen of the yeastie beasties:)

This could be yours!!

I remember reading a little while ago that Marian Keyes (the author of the great irish chick lit books) found while she was depressed that baking helped her immensley.She wrote a book about it with all her recipes in it.

After pondering it and reflecting back myself, she is BLOODY right!! 

As you know, I also write a bread blog, and it has been the baking of my bread that I have found most therapeutic when I look back on this. Now I can hear you going WTF has this got to do with smoking…………Patience my friends, patience.

Butterscotch triple choc brownie

When I stopped smoking, and I had to drag the dregs of memories here, after the initial first few days of HELL, (Yes, we all know stop smoking hell………..then I turned into a baking queen, even though my husband would probably say demon woman!! ………Not quite Nigella but I was getting there. Cakes, biscuits, slices, if you could bake it, I would do it!! Baked trousers, I’d give it a go. Ha ha ha, not quite but you get my drift!! Not all endeavours where a great success BUT they stopped me smoking, were great to eat most of the time and I found that just for that wee while, I didn’t think about the fags!!

I also mention it because like with Marion, Baking helps when you are depressed and once again, it’s not until after the fact that you go “ohhh, yeah, that did help me”!! Talk about lightbulb moment!! Duhhhhhh

We all know that depression and smoking can go hand in hand and as I have said on many occasions, you need to employ many methods to get rid of the nico-demon and its bloody mate, the black dog at times.

Scrummy FRESH focaccia

Sometimes you forget these things……I have been baking up a storm today, banana muffins, lemon syrup cake, altamura bread and you can imagine the kitchen!! But I realised it was because I feel down and the black dog lurking. Maybe the baking is an automatic built-in protection mode with me now!!

My favourite cat, who is like a child to me is really ill and I think I will need to put him to sleep. As you can imagine, it is the most horrible thing to decide but he is not himself anymore and even though it breaks my heart, i think it will be best for him.We will see as miracles occur 🙂 But the black dog lurks there silently waiting, and what makes it more ironic is my ginger boy helped me so much with depression before:) yet it could be thing that tips the iceberg this time:(

Hence the baking storm starts and I hate to say it but it helps, it really does….

Evolutionary tactic? mad but who knows??

So if you need a boost to help you stop smoking or just to feel better, get those pans out and start whisking!! Doesn’t need to be haute cuisine or perfect!!

My sweet boy having a kip in the sun:)

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