Are you ready???

ha ha ha..Hope you are as I am bloody not!!

Yep , Got the acca dacca on the iPod all ready!!

Bit of a disappointment today!!

The shoe shop just could not get my new shoes in the black and purple!

Gutted!! I like purple, a lot…

Bye Bye beauties, not to be….

So the ones I have are these!!

I thought “woooo, walk on the wild side”!!

Talk about a change!!

Woooooo!!! Bright….

Not really an out there girl with bright colours…

In fact not really an out there girl at all,unless I have a few drinks and then I AM OUT THERE!!

Almost bum on photocopier type….hence no drinking:)

I digress, now I really have turned away from the tried and true.

I have been a bit naughty and not brought any shoes for about 16 months (yes, I know)…

You will see me in the dark!!

Normally I get a very high support shoe, Trance by Brooks…

I am a Brooks girl.

Before the trance, I was in the Adrenaline by Brooks and that has been my shoes the last 5-6 years.

But my gait has changed and it appears , I can have less support than before, so hence the ‘BROOKS PURE CADENCE”!!

side and heel view:)

So these feel like those foot mitten things, you know what I mean…they are seriously creepy.

We will not go there today as that is one HOT debate, those creepy hobbit shoes.

Sorry, I will clarify, these feel light, like the creepy shoes…

The time is upon me to run now, I want to but I am scared I have lost all my fitness…

And the worst of all , I have gained 3-4 kg and I can feel it….

are you?

Pinkies are sitting there and tomorrow morning we will take our first ride together.

Wish me luck!!

See you tomorrow..


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