OK, Beautiful peoples..Here we go


The day did not start well…

No siree….

I woke up at 8.15.

I start work at 8am.

Not good.

I got to work at 9.45am.

Hmm….pinkies were looking at me when I left as well…


All day , felt GUILTY…Got home and pinkies were frowning at me!!

You may laugh but they do….shoes are very controlling.

Especially when you promise an outing…

I had decided at lunch to run tonight but didnt;t tell the shoes…

Waiting for lazy arse to put us on!!

So DEEP breath and out I go….

8.45pm at night…

Now I know I should have done a walk/run thing but, people, I HATE HATE HATE walking….

I will gladly run where ever but will catch the bus to go 2 km down the road, instead of walking there.

Shameful but there you go.

First results are………………………4.59kms – 28 minutes…

Not exactly speedy Gonzales  at just over 6 minute pace per km but hey, I was HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY just to run !!


Chest was a little tight, I think I went to fast for my first day back..but I didn’t get that “my god, I am going to vomit” feeling.

One thing I have always promised myself was that I would never ever let myself get to the level I was before I started running 7 years ago.

honestly, my first runs were agony, especially as I said, there was no walking involved!!

Yes, i soon learnt but also much gut and chest grasping for breath, that is how unfit I was and i SMOKED!!

I would say I have lost maybe 40% of my fitness.

Best of all though, i feel good, real good, no sign of a black nose sniffing round while running!!

So off to have a nice soak in the bath…

Will report on the new shoes tomorrow.

Have a good one and get out there!!

Run BABY run.



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