Breathe, Breathe, pinkies…Run 2…

woooo!! feeling good after lasts nights heroic effort:)

Hmm, what is that saying, pride comes…. ha ha , I better watch out and not get to cocky…

So I am going to go out at 8.30 for a little while until I get into my rhythm again and then I will swap to go about 5.30/6am again but at the moment, I just can’t get up in the morning.

I do like the quietness though of that time and the dark BUT as we move into summer, its light at 6ish so it ruins it a little.

This week I am aiming for 4-5 runs of 5 km with maybe 2 other cardios…I am a bit of an all or nothing person…all go or not at all.

I will start doing some weights next week as that stops my leg from throbbing after my injury last year…

So tonight’s heroic effort was 5.49 km at a time of 32 minutes…OOOH…pace of 5.8 so a drop on last night….

But as I said, piano, piano (slowly, slowly) else it will be walking, walking 🙂 or worse swimming, swimming while I recover from injury…ARGH!!

not bad at all…

Pinkies(shoes) seem ok but early days.

I will give it a week or so before passing judgement as

1) they are a new type of shoe

2) i am getting back into running so the pleasure of new shoes is diverted by gasping:)

3) it maybe getting back into niggles not from new shoes.

But i feel better, not so blah, blah ,blah….and I don’t feel that urge to smoke, so that is something.

I think though, I will get that urge every now and again all my life.

I just need to learn to live with it.

But no way would I go back to how it was when I smoked and ran!!

Ugly…..Spot you.

Run Tonto Run!!



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