Ha Bet you thought….

I had buggered off!!


Hobbit feet

Had small shoe problem.The pinkies are now gone.

I had to take them back, they were like hobbit feet.

Not that I know what hobbit feet are like but in my mind, that’s what it felt like.

Felt like this……CREEPY!!

Too low and I felt like I was running in bare feet.

For me, not a good feeling.

So back to the shop BUT I still got something different from the trusty TRANCE’s.


Love this….so true!!

Today I feel blah and feel like ranting:)

I HAD a few days too where I didn’t want to do anything, that black gloom descending…

It’s hard to pull yourself out of that, it really is at times… There are I have decided, a lot of dogs…

I find it hard to say “I am depressed or “I feel down” but I can say I feel the black dog coming…

Insane, as that sounds, I can say that…The dog metaphor is so accurate.

So I have used other dogs to say how i feel:)

I am trying to make friends with the purple (happy mellow ) dog, yellow (happy happy) dog or Green (ok ) dog rather than the red (angry)dog or blue(melancholy) dog which always usually bring their mate blackie!!

Love this book, so good!!

I just feel black black black at the moment….It is that thing, Run, run as fast as you can….

But do I need to spend my life running? physically or  figuratively?

In NZ we have an ad on the TV, where people carry around people on their backs that represent mortgages….so everything they do, that mortgage is there and you see in the ad, from morning to-night….

And by the end of the day, they are buggered (err NZ speak for tired) , that’s what its like with the black dog some days.

That’s what its like sometimes..

This link here really tells you how it is in an understandable way without self-pity.


And the book “living with a black dog” is so right.

For me, it is like I can see how logical something is (ie: suggestions on how to get better) but its like the path to that solution is not reachable in your brain…

Does that make sense?

Almost like I know its logical to go right but I will go left because I just can not go right at that time.

The brain is a weird thing…

Hmm, just thought, remember Clifford, the big red dog?

Well he wasn’t angry but my red dog is:)

ahhhh Clifford

See you tomorrow with the Woo Woo’s!!


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