You need something to make you happy…..

You know, you HAVE to have something in the gloom and doom times that just make you feel better seeing them…

It may only be a smidgen but there is that slight shift away from the black hole…

My thing is cats and……

Love, Love, Love Cat bags..No,I haven’t gone mental.


Speaking of mental and digressing ever so slightly…There is a film out at the moment called just that, “MENTAL”.

It is an Aussie film with Toni Collette in it. It looks like a goodie, they do make good films the Aussies.

I am going to see it this week….

Anyway I digress as per normal…

Cat bag…

This one is a recent acquisition.

I have about 6 I think as you can’t buy them here in NZ, so I get them off trade me ( nz e bay) or order the odd one from the states.

But I don’t get them often and when I do, it’s a real find, so it’s in the hunting too.

I could do it easy and buy them all off E bay in the States or her store but that would be too easy 🙂

There is the occasional shop in NZ that sells them and I did get Pompeii cat bag from there.

First ever Cat bag

The cat bag above, ironically, I missed the trade me auction and I was GUTTED!!

But a week later, the person hadn’t made contact so the seller offered it again!!

Now is that fate and meant to have it or what?

One of my cat bags has been to Pompei…It is now called Pompeii Cat bag>>>

Pompeii cat bag

Me feeding dogs at Pompeii…

Ohhh and you should have seen all the cats!!!

Now this cat bag below has travelled all over the world with me….England, Paris, KL, Turkey, Italy, Poland…..But it is called mended in Paris cat bag as the strap broke there.

It’s a wonder , it was mended with my hideous french 🙂

All over World Cat bag

This one is Mini cat bag…

Mini cat bag…


Definitely a woo woo moment!!

New cat bag 1

New cat bag 2

They all have funky little wooden cats on them too as a tag type thing.

I have been a bit naughty today and put a bid on Ebay Australia to get another one …:)

This is Laurel Burch

Laurel Burch and her Cats

These last two are not Laurels bags but they are Cat bags…

Venice cat bag

This cat bag is one of my favourites, I brought it in a little shop in Venice that sells all cat things!!


Cat shop!! I am in HEAVEN!!

My last cat bag is from my favourite place of all….LUCCA!!

Lucca Cat bag from H due o

I know the happiness from the bags is only temporary but as you all know, sometimes that is all you need:)



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