Meet Whitey….

Whitey girl…

This is whitey.

Her dad died about 2 years ago and she was originally a colony cat, so she has had a bit of a hard life.

For the last 2 years, her dads niece and I have fed her and 5 of his other cats at his old house.

We do half the week each, all beautiful cats but quite skittish and it took 3-4 months before they would allow us to touch them.

I also feed 2 other cat colonies.

Whitey having a sleep on the couch.

Anyhow Whitey had a cancerous lump in her neck and cancer on her ears.

If that wasn’t bad enough, also an eye ulcer….

She had the lump removed and her ears too (sadly) about 3 weeks ago.

I took her home to join my 3 cats about just under 3 weeks ago.

It will take about 3-6 months I would say until she is used of my noisy boys and other people.

Having a wee kip…

I can pat her but I still need to be careful and quiet.

My cats are still a bit miffed but they will come round, hopefully.

I can’t replace my beautiful Mr T, who died in September but I could offer another cat a life.

She has taken a real liking to the bed and the couch, nice comfy things.

She is very affectionate when she forgets to be cautious.

having a kip on the nice soft bed…

I am now hoping that Karma has given whitey girl all the crap and now she can enjoy her life in relative comfort with our spoilt cats!!

That would be nice as she so deserves it…

My cats (my own and the colony cats) have got me through some crap times because the thing is that no matter how bad I feel, they don’t know that.

Well I think they sense it, but they don’t know I am depressed, they just know they rely on me for food and shelter so I can’t let them down.

Some of the colony cats…

Whitey before her op at her old home….

No matter how much at times I may not want to get up, I do for them.

Just seeing them makes me feel better and they are (with the tame ones) happy to see me and it lifts your spirits no end:)

If you feel blue, try something like that as it really helps.

For me, helping people wouldn’t help me but it may for you…

But something where people/animals are reliant on you in a good way, not a stressful way, can be healing):

As you can see below, my cats have a hard, hard life ….

Right at home…

Mr puss puss smooching the HUGE cat food bag!!

Its a hard life!!

My beautiful Mr Tonto….

Minni and the birds…

Tinny in her box…


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