Unemployed……Grrr indeed…

Yep pretty ugly word really…

yep, unemployed….

But that is me at the moment.

Now you would think that this would leave one time with heaps of time to run but it simply doesn’t.

The first thing I saw this morning in the paper was ” Highest Unemployment rate in NZ for 13 years” 

Great way to start the day….


However, we will move on wards and upwards…

Luckily my husband is pretty good BUT he still likes to remind me I need to get a job by  (fill in blank) date….

That really fucks me off because I know that I need to get a job.

I don’t need to be told!!

It annoys me as well because unlike many women when they have children, I was back at work in 2 weeks after our children as we needed the money.

Never in my life have I been lazy.

Even at the black pits of depression, I made myself get up most of the time and go to work because we needed the money.

Middle class NZ can’t be sick or unemployed…You need to real poor or real rich to get anything here.

I feel my husband is implying I am lazy or sitting round home doing nothing.

I wish!!


I find too for myself, my self-worth is tied up with my job, so I feel pretty crap when I have no job.

My husband could throw me out tomorrow and i would be in the crapper!!

What would I do?

People say you are only 1-2 pays away from the street and they are not far wrong.

We have 3 teenage boys!! and we all know they suck up money while there is no tomorrow.

I feel like I have been in a midlife crisis job wise for ten years and I still have yet to reach mid-life crisis age.

I have never had a real burning passion to do one particular job like some people.

I think it is a blessing to have that or not so much passion but to know where you want to go….

The only thing I have a real burning passion for is cats, travel and bread baking…..

What do I do to make them profitable?

get some of this down you!!

I feed colony cats and rescue cats sometimes but that is not well paying, in fact you do it for LOVE!!!

Which makes things difficult when I have no job to feed the poor buggers:(

 I write about my bread/baking on my greedybread blog http://greedybread.wordpress.com/

But that’s for LOVE too until someone wants me to go on the food channel:)

And I am really passionate about Lucca, in which I offer small tours to Lucca, a few times a year

But you still need a job most of the year as it doesn’t make you rich…


Anfiteatro Lucca

But like all good things (as they say on the NZ cheese ads) take time….

Sadly too when you are unemployed, you have little or no money and what you do have you need to be careful with….

It is like a catch 22, you need money to make money so to speak….

Will ponder that more in days to come…

Will tell how I got to be unemployed tomorrow……Its a shitty story.

Need to run, Tonto run….

Tomorrow I promise:)

Am I?


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