‘Mental’ is a word that we use often in NZ, the Aussies use it too.

I have never heard any other nationality say it though?

I know that some people perceive it as being rude or offensive..but its not meant to be.


I like mental or nutty or something along those lines, mental illness is too serious sounding for me .

I am not trying to take the piss on a very serious subject but if you can’t laugh at yourself then there is major problems…

and since most of us with mental illness have major problems or difficulty laughing , we have to make the most of when we can laugh!!

And who better than to make light of such a serious topic than one who suffers from it?

Nutter’s club and Mike king…

In NZ there is a group called the “Nutter’s club” and it is for people who are ‘nutty’.

Self termed or Diagnosed…whatever….

depressive, bi polar, schizoid, maniac depressive, phobic , obsessive and the list goes on…

They are really funny and they lift your day and make you feel better.

Check them out….

But I have wandered far , far, far off course today….

The main reason I started with mental was to tell you to go see the movie,”Mental”.

Toni Collette

I mentioned it last week.

It’s great, so see it. A good laugh and makes you wonder WHO the mental one is???

Rebecca Gibney is in it, and she must have put on about 2-3 stone for the part as she is a small lady normally….

” The Hills are alive with the sound of    …….”

That is all I will say…It is great and it will cheer up you now end.

Toni Collette is so good, I am going to watch Muriel’s wedding again:)

Get your carcass down to the movie theatre now!!

Tell me about it!! and they always say what you like!!

My last thought for today was…..

I am sure that when i was smoking, drinking, coffee swilling, partying person that i was much happier.

Was this because I was washing all my moodiness away with smoking and drinking etc?

I am not talking about self medicating, as I never did it really, well maybe to some small point…

I often wonder this, I feel up tight and agitated compared when I would have a smoke or a drinkie if I was tense…


Tomorrow, I promise with red roses on top…

Run, lazy bum, run:)

great quote…


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