Ivan Miller, NZ Writer….

I have known Ivan all my life…

He is a spectacular writer and artist and I don’t say this cause he is my lambie boy!

Top of Lucca’s walls

Now I know you are looking at the photo of Lucca and going WHAT???

It all will become abundantly clear shortly…..

Ivan Miller, a Up and coming NZ writer and i love Lucca tours will be hosting a writer’s workshop in Lucca in November 2013.

Ivan is also a painter and poet, but being the modest lad that he is, he says he is a writer!!

Leaving me to shout his talents out!!

Love you, Dollface!!

He will share his writings, his paintings(above) and his experiences with us….

Plus there will be a great time had!! I can guarantee that.

Believe me, we will SHOW you the happy dance !!

If you have not been to Lucca, then you need to get your carcass there NOW!!!

Err, well join Ivan and i love Lucca and then get your carcass there:)

Don’t forget to check out Ivan’s writing here.

http://ivan-miller.blogspot.co.nz/ and Ivan on facebook


November 2013- Ivan Miller Writers workshop in Luscious Lucca.
What a luscious time it will be as well!!!

Lovely Lucca

Hosted by i love Lucca tours and Ivan Miller, up and coming NZ writer.

Full details to come in Dec /january….
If you can’t wait till then, contact me on besotted@ilovelucca.co.nz


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