Too many books, not enough time….

Hmmmmm, that is NOT my problem, believe me…

At the moment it is too much time, not enough books, not enough to do…

Which do I read first???

Well I do find things to keep me occupied but it’s not enough really I suppose for the long-term…

I need to go for a run mentally but physically I need to check with the physio as my sore hamstring has returned with a vengeance…

I think I went and did TOO much, TOO soon the week before last and now it bloody throbs walking and most of the day…

I have been walking an hour each day but not helping I think…

So I just hope, it’s just a week or so of rest, not like last time, when there was NO RUNNING for 6-8 weeks………

It was terrible and really depressing.

I am not a walker and actively dislike cycling…and swimming….

I want to!!!

Tonight and tomorrow I am going to devise a good cross training programme that will involve no running, just in case!!

Weights, I can do but then it will be bugger all weights, if it’s the same injury as last time, which it feels like 😦

Might have to be swimming!! Argh…..That is worse than walking….

But needs must and I feel I need to do something…

So until then, It will be WALK TONTO WALK….

Much to my disgust:)


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