If you have delicate ears….

then don’t read any further…There will be expletives..

This is a rant and a long one so if you need to…sign out now:)

Sometimes no other words do it…

I don’t know why I get worked up about this as it is the same EVERY YEAR but I do and in fact, it happens all year in reality.

As you know, I am very fond of the moggie, well all animals, no killing spiders, cockroaches etc in my house.

Hate them, eurghhhh but won’t let the kids kill them…If it was a tarantula however that may test the limit of my niceness to all…

Been working all day…on cat guard!!

Anyway, the topic of my expletives is the animals.

People dump them all year, yes, that is what fucking mongrels people are.

We will not even start with animal torturers…

Let me just say that performing a vasectomy with a rusty knife or dipping their hands in boiling oil is not enough!!

Or perhaps cutting off half their fingers with pruning shears….or red hot pokers poked in their eyes…or up their anal regions!!

Anyway I digress….


Anyhow the dumpers and the ones who just casually have to get rid of their animals…GRRRR

“We are going over seas’ or “we are returning home” …they can pay thousands to relocate but can’t be bothered to pay maybe $500 -1000 to relocate their animals..

‘We love fluffy and she has been a great companion for 10 years BUT the baby doesn’t like the cat”…

Would you sell your kids or give them away because the cat /dog doesn’t like the baby? and these people do it after 5-10 years of having the animals…

or one of my favorites….”If I can’t rehome it in a week, I will have it put down”…ARSEHOLE!!

Seriously where is the compassion? Animals can’t work out why one day it’s all good and next they are turfed out…

What has inspired this years rant?

Well….I look after a few cat colonies…One is sort of a colony (Whitey’s old home).

My friends uncle died about 2-3 years ago and he looked after all these colonies (which we started doing) but at his home he had about 5-8 cats there.

So we started feeding them too and looking out for them.

Uncle Greys cats having dinner

It took them 3-6 months to get used of us as they are very skittish…

Anyhow of all my friends family, they are all hands out wanting the Uncle’s money but no one gives a shit about the cats.

The one thing he loved more than anything.

Luckily, Uncle was a serious hoarder so it has taken 2 or so years to sort the house and grounds out.

Sadly now the house has to be sold and what about the cats?

Whitey having a sleep

As you know I took whitey..but the others?

I have been trying to get homes for them as my friend is too stressed about it and one of the cat sanctuaries I approached and follow on Facebook was telling me about this act that was dumped there this morning…


I know people have bad situations but why not try to make an ugly situation not so bad,  so rather than dump the cat in a bag in the river , at least put it on the shelter’s doorstep in a box?

Why put the cats in a box and put them on the motorway? or in the bin to be incinerated?


There is no need for the lack of humaneness, that is what I do not understand.

Having a wee holiday!!

Or just people being stupid arseholes….and thinking they are funny

One of the cat colonies I feed at people pour their beer in the cat plates or their shitey left over food …

Why not just put it in the bin? Why be a wanker?


Anyhow as you can gather, I could go on and on and on and on forever but that won’t help the poor animals…

If you get a minute, look at the following links …..

If you can help in any way ( even just 1 can of food helps) or just want to let them know you care…drop them an email or a like on Facebook.

www.facebook.com/groups/104294914804/ or http://www.animalrescue.org.nz/

https://www.facebook.com/vinnie.martin.7?fref=ts or http://www.swcatsanctuary.org.nz/

https://www.facebook.com/sapphirecatrescue?fref=ts or http://www.sapphirecatrescue.org/

http://www.catsinneedtrust.org.nz/ or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cats-In-Need-Trust/177660166219







As you will be aware, this is just the tip of the ice berg of local ones….

There are MANY MANY MANY other fantastic societies throughout NZ and the world that do all they can…..

All cats deserve to be king of the Roost like Mr T!!

P.S. On a positive nice note, I did run today….More about that later…


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