Run, Porky, Run….

Oh Dear…

One of the downfalls of not running is that you can not indulge as one would like to…

In fact even when you run, you still can’t indulge as you may like…all the time that is .

When I put on my running shorts yesterday, they are a LITTLE tight…Hmmm another 4- 5kgs tight in fact.

yes, I feel like this guy!!

More of this…..

and this….

And less of this Pide gorgeousness…

I swear they are tighter than 2-3 weeks ago…hideous…

In fact I hate to say it but the shorts are bordering on camel toe like tightness!!!

Not a good look at all….

And as all runners will say, you feel every excess kilo when you run, especially when you put it on:)

So rather than go off yesterday at Full tit as I did 2-3 weeks ago, I did some Fartlek laps…

Well gentle ones, gentle, gentle, gentle……

A bit too much of this going on…

I ran 45 minutes ,about 8 km but what I did was ran 900 metres, walked 100 metres and did that on a circuit….

Still got a work out, felt I did something but didn’t strain myself.

Was VERY tempted to sprint or do some hill climbs…..NOOOOOOOOO

At the park where I was there is a set of stairs, about 40 in total, great for cardio but not yesterday….

As my favorite Italian word is piano, piano, piano (slowly) and no injuries for mio…

love it!!

My leg is no sorer today, so that is good news…

Will go do some weights tomorrow and a small run…Run to gym (12 minutes),do weights and run home so no chance to over do that 🙂

And out will go the delicious food until I can learn moderation again….

If however, you don’t need to exercise constraint…check out my deliciousness at

Ha ha, finally figured out how to PROPERLY insert a link….Woooooo!!


P.S: Tomorrow smoking and the husband!!! Grrrr

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