When I was just a little girl….

I asked my mother what will I be? Remember that song?

Que sera sera

The reason I was thinking about that song was I was translating it into Italian while I was running yesterday…

It helps me expand my vocabulary…..I try to do it to all songs:)

Why did I pick that song?

I think cause I was thinking of that song Quando, Quando, Quando….

and I like Quando as I always remember what it means…I still have trouble with all the q words…

Quando, quanto, questo, quelle, que and so forth…….

Quick digression…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a0juQ0aeGI

Pavarotti and Bryan Adams…Love this version, cheesy but Bryan Adams rocks it and you can just see the respect for each other…

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Fantastic for running…..I love Opera for running….Don’t ask me why, i just do….

Then that song  got me thinking of little kids and when the boys were young, I could never EVER go to the toilet alone.

You know what I mean here if you have kids!!

Kids will be fine, playing or asleep but the moment you go to the toilet or pick up the phone….BAMMM!! They are not fine…

Now I thought of this as my cats try to get into the toilet when you go.

They could have gone in 2 minutes before when the door was ajar.

But no, that is far far far too easy and not interesting at all.

One will sit outside the toilet door and meow until you come out or open the door, so the cats have replaced the kids in keeping me awake and giving me grief…

Seriously they have…

They wake me up at night and in the morning…

One will sit right next to me, and I mean within cat breaths inch…and stare until I get up or yell at him…

Grant will stay asleep during all this of course…

having bit of a sleep …DURING THE DAY!!

Now that’s all fine and dandy BUT I will be asleep and you know how you feel someone is there?

Yep, that will be Puss puss..

Sitting there staring at you.

But often I will almost have a heart attack…other times he will sit next to my ear and wash himself…

or meow or scratch at the door to go out when he has a good cat flap.

He is just too lazy to go to the other end of the house so he scratches on the sliding door in our room!!!

Bit of a sleep…

Mr Tonto would just walk on you…no time wasting with him….You would be asleep and all of a sudden, POW!!!

Cat had jumped on the chest!! and you have almost had heart failure in fright….

Mini will meow or walk along the bedhead….or get up somewhere high and can’t get down and meow…

Sometimes we have the cat olympics up and down the hallway and then hurdles over all objects in their way….

What time, do you ask that they do this??

Usually between 3-5am!!!

And this is the prelude to the 6am (if I am lucky) “we are hungry,  get up now” chorus…

hard day for tinny…

Tinny, god bless her, doesn’t do any of this….The only time I hear tinny is when the others get in her way and then she reows at them..

There is hope…

Minni cat…


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