Ohhhh Gonna be sore tomorrow!!

Yes indeed, I will be paying for my laziness tomorrow, I would imagine.

Time to go back to the gym as I said previously….

When I finished I really thought my poor legs would not carry me home and I didn’t even do any step ups!!

But I knew it would be good to run home, just to loosen things up so tomorrow will not be too bad!! Errr hopefully:)

That was today….

Yesterday I did one 20 minute run and then a 15 minute run at the other end of the day….

The thing is when I start, I like to keep going, and the walk/run thing just doesn’t do it for me.

So I thought well initially , to EASE my way back to running an hour a day, I would try the 2 small runs and see how that goes.

ohhhhh tomorrow….

I have that thing in my head though where I feel unless, I run for 45-60 minutes, I may as well not.

Some mental reconditioning is needed on that front!!

Just need to sort out the food front and that should get me back on track hopefully.

It doesn’t take me long but it is getting into again initially.

I don’t eat a lot of rubbish but I like food, but tend to eat little bits but often….

I am careful with what I eat as I find my food does affect my mood.

Too much sugar or processed food and I do feel blah and down…

I would love to eat clean 100% of the time but that is just too unrealistic in all honesty.

Bit of fudge now and then!!

or a little of these…

or maybe a touch of this???

An 80/20 mix is good i think….Life is just too short to not have enjoyable food…

I like a bit of sugar or bread or cake sometimes…

I must admit though, I tend to like good food but rich food.

So if I indulge, I would rather have a piece of homemade cheesecake than a chocolate bar….

Or homemade flatbread and chilli than a bag of chips….

But it’s still about the calories in…still too many.

like to do this BUT the results suck!!

So until I start eating bugger all, its back to the exercise for me…

I miss running and even though I am not fond of weights, I like the results…

Plus no matter what they say about exercising not affecting mental health (recent studies), I feel it does and I feel better doing exercise.

So for now its LIFT, GIRLY, LIFT:)

And a little run, tonto run…


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