I BLOODY hate rowing machines…and burpees!!

Every time, yes every time, I get on thinking, 10 minutes easy, or no problem..

After 2 minutes, I am usually thinking , ok maybe 5 minutes….By 5 minutes my legs are ready to give out!!

Don’t even ask what its like at 10 minutes!!

j j j j jelly…

Rowing machines are evil little machines and no matter how fit I am, they WILL always have one over me ):

As much as it pains me to say this, but for fitness, they can’t be beat.

However, not one to abuse a good thing, I feel 5-10 minutes at the end of my workout or the beginning is quite sufficient THANKS!!

Was a little stiff today but not too bad…

Stomach muscles, well the ones that still exist after 3 large strapping sons, feel slightly ripped..

But I was good, good, good….Off to the gym I went to do my cardio.

Loosen up….

Did my 10 minutes running warm up ( small bursts , remember, of running for me!!) then 40 minutes on the increasing pyramid elliptical machine, 1000 metres on the rower (was going to 10 minutes ha ah ) and then 10 minutes running home..

You do cardio one day and then weights the next and so on…. and a super hard out cardio day… I usually will do a small run on my weights days too..

I am doing Michelle Bridges 12wbt challange again as her fitness plans rock.


She offers from beginner to advanced, so something for everyone.

I am doing her advanced lean and fit and I tweak it a little but she has mean super cardio Saturdays…


Hideous things like 100 burpees, then 90 stair climbers, 80 lunges, 70 step ups, 60 sit ups and so on but you get the idea and by the end…

I think you end on 10 burpees!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Don’t even think of moving on to the next exercise UNTIL you have done all the ones prior.

Do you know what 100 burpees makes the legs feel like?

When I thought the horror of the burpees was gone, I found this!!

imagine it!!

Scary thing is, even though I hate hate hate them, I like this sort of challenge, I actually do like exercise that brings me to vomiting point…

Not to that point but so exhausted…………

I think I will need to look at this challenge….OMG!!

I want to do an army boot camp for 2 weeks or something….

I need to get a life!!

RUN, BURPEE’S, RUN …ha ha ha




3 thoughts on “I BLOODY hate rowing machines…and burpees!!

    • ha ha tell me about it!! Wait till super saturday….I hate them but i do them as i want to beat the bloody things…did you know there is a half version of them? i didnt till the other day…. and lunges…hate them too!!

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