Arms ripped from sockets sound familiarf?

Yep, that is what my arms felt like today…

But it was deceptive because It wasn’t until I was half way through the press up that it struck!!

Ouch!! Then I had to do half girly pants ones…

Sorry Girls but I have worked hard to be able to be able to do full press ups…

and my stomach muscles…HOLY SHIT!!…Talk about feeling like I have been gutted…

BUT and there is a big BUT…

1) I am actually being a big sooky baby pants!! It could have been way worse -You all know what I mean..

2) I know that this was good compared to how I felt when I first stopped smoking years ago and started running and getting fit.

Now that was HELL!! It is also one of the reasons, Even though i may slack off for a month or even 2 or 3….

I NEVER EVER let myself get to the stage of unfitness that I was before.

Seriously, I felt sick every time I did exercise….

I can recall thinking some days I was going to pass out, I was that unfit.

When I think back to what I was doing, it was sweet bugger all….

Mountain climbers

Anyway I digress as I do…

So I ran to the gym (12 minutes) did my weights (45 minutes) and stomach exercises(10 minutes) and then 100 of the babies above and then 100 sumo squats pulsing and then 15 minute run home…

Feeling good.

Leg not throbbing, wanting to run a little more but PIANO, PIANO, PIANO (slowly)

Tomorrow (err today now, actually in 6 hours when I get up) 20 minute run to the gym, 30 minutes elliptical and 12 minute run home…

Michelle bridges programmes are great for me as i like cardio more than weights but even the weights is more plyometric stuff that keeps the heart rate up there.

Lots of super sets too…

For example, you do these 3 exercises in like a circuit, do 1 set of 15 of each exercise, rest 1 minute then repeat till you do 3 circuits…

so 15 x hip raises, then 15 x squat jumps with 5-10kg weight and then 15 calf raises, rest and repeat x 2!!

She does more weighty programs too if that is your thing….

Like I said check her out, she is good!! Like an Aussie version of Jillian Micheals….



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