Hell Week almost done…

Well today officially its been one week since I started exercising again properly…


I started running again a weeks back but the running is not really a problem cause I love love love running:)

Problem is, as I said, too much too soon…

And I would rather just run every day but the body needs variety to stay injury free, so other exercise is needed:)

I am in my usual fashion of punishing myself extending hell week to Saturday….

So tomorrow should really be super Saturday BUT I will do cardio tomorrow and Friday and then super Saturday on Saturday!!

Make sense? Yep…and even though it is Evil  personified, I actually like it:)

Yes, sad woman I am:)

Hello, burpees!!


Today was running 10 minutes, weights 45 minutes, so lots of my fav’s (not bloody likely)as above…

then 5 minutes on my bestie- the ROWING machine….then 10 minutes abs and then best of all….HOME SWEET HOME!!

Tomorrow do 30 minutes running and see how the leg goes with that.

Not too twitchy, after 20 minutes the other day…

Then finish with 30 on elliptical and then another 10 running…

But all in all I feel better, as I always do when I exercise.

Thus said, then I do have to blow a big raspberry to those who say exercise doesn’t help mental health.

I am not sure who has or hasn’t heard this latest research in the last few weeks but personally, I think it’s all a load of twat!~!~

Personally I think it is dangerous because the studies can be misleading ..

Do we know the study is based on a decent sized representative sample of the population or the depressed population?

It may have been done on 500 people, what indication is that?

These are just one of many questions that could be asked.

Sometimes I think you need to use instinct and go with what you feel is right.

For me , I think it was a life saver…..

Look at the links and tell me what you think??

Does it help you?


The above article was written by an author who has had depression, in fact I have read his book.





Love Clifford, he always makes me happy!!

And as you know, I always like to round things off with a NZ written article if possible….


Dont forget to RUN, TONTO RUN!!!

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