Super SATURDAY is here!!

You know what that means!!

90 minutes of hell…


Yeah, this is me after 10, let alone 100 of the f&**rs!!

30 minute run to start and…..then it goes seriously down hill…

100 of the BURPEE Mf’s!!! Argh!!

90 lunges

80 tricep dips

70 step ups

60 planks

50 press ups

40 mountain climbers

30 side planks

and you get the story!!

Personally, I think it should be 10, yes TEN burpees…But you can’t have it all!!

Do them!!

You want them, you want them…

You know in all honestly, I would rather have a flabby arse, than do these…

But in a perverse way, I do them because I like to beat them so to speak…and I HATE LOSING!!

So that said, better go get out of the PJ’s and into the BURPEE’S PANTS!!

Ha ha ha, that doesn’t make me feel any better:)

But the Deep fried ice cream balls later will:)

yep, the math is 100 burpee’s plus 90 minutes = 1 ice cream ball WITH no guilt!!

None what so ever….

And I do get to run for 30 minutes as part of it and 15 after:)

So off to put on the BURPEE pants:)



P.S. I am going to KILL the fucker next door with his hammering , banging and home repairs at 8AM on a Saturday!!

I will show him what a hammer can do!!

And it will not be PRETTY.

Yes, let me show you my DIY!!


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