Ever seen a Sleeping kiwi?

Goodnight Kiwi!!

Ha ha, you have now….!!

The TV kiwi and his cat buddy above used to be on the TV here back in the days when the TV closed down..

You know when dinosaurs walked the earth???….midnight goodnight:)

I remember when I was a kid and it was very special to see the good night kiwi as I was hardly ever allowed up that late!!

I was a very tired kiwi last night after SUPER SATURDAY….The first in ummm wee while.

But I did it, I did 1 hour 45 mins in total…

Yep, that was me….

It was 30 minutes running to the gym, 45 minutes burpee etc type exercise!! the count down from 100….then 25 minutes elliptical machine and 15 minute run home…

I was buggered BUT I felt good all day and it allowed me to eat this relatively guilt free!!

Homemade Pide

Full recipe here:http://greedybread.wordpress.com/2012/11/24/1722/

Followed by half of this…SEE…lady….not piglet:)

Deep fried ice cream balls

Haven’t posted Deep fried ice cream recipe yet but will, in the next few days:)

And I didn’t go whole hog and guts lots of them all down, I was a lady…(he he, I’m a lady, Little Britain) and only had a little…

Which, which, which, which, which has paid off as when I hopped on the bastard scales today, I was 1.5 kg down from monday….

That is definitely a woo woo moment as being small, it takes me forever to lose 1 kg…!!

But as all the runners know, you can FEEL that 1 kg !!

Today is resting kiwi day:)

But the main reason for today’s post was to say look at this!!!


Some of this food is obscene…Hate to say it but it looks yum, no matter how bad it is!!

The Bacon mug????I ask you, is this right? KFC Pie? We don’t even have that sort of thing here..

God, I hope not…

Shame on me!!


A bacon cup filled with cheese?????


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