Not so meh today:) Super Sunday!!

Well super saturday did not go off…

I had friends coming so couldn’t spend 2 hours exercising…as I had chili a cooking and cornbread to make.

Mmm homemade chili and Flat bread..

Mmm homemade chili and Flat bread..

But what I did was, a bit naughty, ran for 55 minutes………….

And then did Super Sunday today:)

What is great though, is I noticed while I was running that the horror ten minutes has gone again now…

You know that time when you run from after the first 5 minutes to about 15- 20 minutes into your run?

Where your mind fights your body and if you haven’t been running regularly, you feel you want to stop even though you know it’s all in the head.



I found yesterday that I only had a glimmer of that and even when I was running, I was at that talk while running stage…you know that nice comfy stage when you are doing long runs?

It was great, still working hard but not so I couldn’t sing aloud (I often use that to test if I am going to fast ) and I knew I could run the time without a hitch.

It felt GREAT!!

I love running, as I have said on here many a time but it is so hard when I get injured and have to try not to bolt out of the gates on my first month back…

But as you know, I have been slowly, slowly this time….

are you?

are you?

Today as part of the Super Sunday, I noticed after the 100 burpees that I did them in 3 sets of 30 and then 10, whereas last week, I did 1 set of 20 and then 8 sets of ten!!

So happy with that.

35 minutes running , 45 minutes plyometric exercises, 10 minutes rowing and 10 minutes run home…

and I did some more of those hideous tricep press ups:)

My next challenge is to do box jumps…they scare me.

A good day!!

Plus I have pork and broccoli risotto for dinner (yum) and my cinnamon rolls are looking mighty fine…

You may want to check them out on here later…

My brioche....heavenly.. 1kg of butter!!

A small sample of whats on greedybread

Sometimes as quickly as MEH comes, it can go, so 2 bad meh days but then now its gone…



Excellent book, by the way!!

Excellent book, by the way!!



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