But WEIGHT there is more…

There is always more with weight!! Grrr.



Why is it sooooo frustrating to lose weight?

You know, I am not asking for the Holy Grail but it feels like it.

I feel that I am always on this treadmill but like one of those mice ones.

The never ending cycle...

The never ending cycle…

I know, I know, I know…If it was easy then everyone would do it:)

But I just think can’t the fates cut me some slack?

I think I don’t drink, I stopped smoking, I exercise, I eat well …WHY CAN’T I BE THE WEIGHT I WANT??

Sometimes I think is it worth it for 3-4 kgs?

 I think this is the problem when you are small…you think “oh well, its only 1 or 2 kgs…”

images (1)

I know you probably think well she must be doing this or that but I am not…

I worked for Weight Watchers for 5 years and heard every excuse under the sun…

I know at the end of the day it is basic…Calories in has to be less than calories out to see a weight loss…

Not quite that simple, but pretty such so for most of us…unless we are talking metabolic disorders etc..

I know I am not 100% with my food BUT we are not talking hundreds of calories and I do lots of exercise…

michelle bridges

What I find the most frustrating is that you know how most people have normal weight fluctuations of 1-2 kgs…

Well I can go to bed and I weigh 58, yet I wake up and I weight 59.7!!!

That is frustrating a gain of 1.7kg while I sleep….

Ok, granted in 2 days it will be gone BUT still….

And I know its about the sizing not the weight….because of muscle mass…

Talk about God grant me serenity!!


Sometimes no other words do it...

Sometimes no other words do it…

Anyways , we solider on….

Monday …did cardio of 25 minutes elliptical machine, 290 minutes cycling, 10 minutes rowing and 15 minutes run home….

Today did 15 minutes run , 45 minutes hard weights!!, 15 minutes plyometrics …

Legs will be sore tomorrow…Squats, then squat jumps and later on step ups and burpees!!

But legs ok after 55 minute run the other day sooooo tomorrow, might do a 45 minute run:)



2 thoughts on “But WEIGHT there is more…

    • thanks…its my own fault for gaining the 3 kg back in the first place…..But like you say frustrating indeed especially when you see people eating crap etc all the day and they don’t gain anything:(

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